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  1. It was Newteks first (borked) attempt at unifying and redisgning a new lightwave. A lot of the stuff in CORE eventually made its way into the current version of lightwave (I have 10.1 and haven't looked at newer versions but it has gradually been improved). If you google newtek core you will find lots of material on the web.
  2. I no longer pay for software without seeing or prefereably testing it first, CORE taught me that. It is a shame as I like a lot of other users were fully on board for CORE but looking back it was too ambious a plan, they should have gone the route they eventually did go. The trouble I have is how things changed with regards customer feedback when Rob came on board, I get he doesn't want to reveal things until they are ready but he needs to show things to get people to bite. You fishing analogy is a good one. Faith in a product can only get you so far. I hope Lightwave sticks around, I always enjoyed using it.
  3. Hey AbnRanger, Rob has started a new thread with some examples http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?148246-Examples-of-the-New-LightWave-Volumetric-and-PBR-Engine I got burnt with core back in the day so I'm not going to jump on any schemes to lock me into future discounts, I will wait for 2016 to surface then consider getting back on board, I still have my 10.1 install (which I hardly ever use now). Andrew.
  4. When you go to the upgrade screen you need to put both serial numbers in (win and mac in your case) to get licenses for both platforms, it costs $10 more for both licenses over a single license.
  5. Nice upgrade and pricing Andrew. I noticed no paypal option, I prefer to use paypal when I can as I don't need to keep giving out my credit card details. Also thanks for the generous upgrade pricing when you have licenses on more than one platform, I moved to Linux a while back but also have a Windows license, the upgrade for one was $84, upgrade for both $94
  6. I haven't had chance to install it yet but I believe you simply download version 4x and install it, you don't need to upgrade your existing license. I think they have simply replaced the basic versions with free versions, that is you no longer need to purchase the basic version. Andrew.
  7. +1, we want more linux love
  8. +1 to this idea. I am painting brick textures across separate but multiple objects that sit next to each other in a scene, I am bringing them into 3D Coat as separate objects and it is a real pain trying to paint them to the same size and scale, has anyone any suggestions? Thanks, Andrew.
  9. Hi Sergyi, Thanks for the explanation, I will make a note of the /bin directory time stamp for if it happens again. In the email I sent to support yesterday I also asked if there is the crash report option in the Linux version of 3D Coat, this would be useful for when crashes happen. Thanks, Andrew.
  10. Hi, I am running 3DCoat 3.08B on Arch Linux x64. It has mostly been okay apart from the odd crash here and there, but today I will start 3DCoat and find I am running in demo mode (so I cannot export textures etc), I got prompted a couple of times during the day to register at which point it would work again for a while. Other times shutting 3DCoat down and relaunching it again after a short period would solve the problem but it is a real pain because I don't notice it immediately and so do some work and come to export the texture to find I can't. Any one else had a similar problem? Thanks, Andrew.
  11. Maybe Andrew could implement some sort of user palette which the user can configure so it lists their most used tools? That way you can minimize the tools you use very little and access the main tools from your user palette.
  12. Really nice tutorials Greg, thanks for doing them, I am looking forward to the next ones in the series where you texture/paint Mr Rat Have you got plans for other tutorials?
  13. Thanks for the tutorials Psionic, these and your other ones are really good, you have an easy going teaching style and I will look out for any other tutorials you do as I am new to creating game assets so need all the help I can get esspecially with workflow