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  1. It was Newteks first (borked) attempt at unifying and redisgning a new lightwave. A lot of the stuff in CORE eventually made its way into the current version of lightwave (I have 10.1 and haven't looked at newer versions but it has gradually been improved). If you google newtek core you will find lots of material on the web.
  2. I no longer pay for software without seeing or prefereably testing it first, CORE taught me that. It is a shame as I like a lot of other users were fully on board for CORE but looking back it was too ambious a plan, they should have gone the route they eventually did go. The trouble I have is how things changed with regards customer feedback when Rob came on board, I get he doesn't want to reveal things until they are ready but he needs to show things to get people to bite. You fishing analogy is a good one. Faith in a product can only get you so far. I hope Lightwave sticks around, I always enjoyed using it.
  3. Hey AbnRanger, Rob has started a new thread with some examples http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?148246-Examples-of-the-New-LightWave-Volumetric-and-PBR-Engine I got burnt with core back in the day so I'm not going to jump on any schemes to lock me into future discounts, I will wait for 2016 to surface then consider getting back on board, I still have my 10.1 install (which I hardly ever use now). Andrew.
  4. I haven't had chance to install it yet but I believe you simply download version 4x and install it, you don't need to upgrade your existing license. I think they have simply replaced the basic versions with free versions, that is you no longer need to purchase the basic version. Andrew.
  5. Really nice tutorials Greg, thanks for doing them, I am looking forward to the next ones in the series where you texture/paint Mr Rat Have you got plans for other tutorials?
  6. Thanks for the tutorials Psionic, these and your other ones are really good, you have an easy going teaching style and I will look out for any other tutorials you do as I am new to creating game assets so need all the help I can get esspecially with workflow
  7. Thanks again 3D_Sculptress lots of very useful information. The Intuos4 has just arrived so I am off to try in shortly, to much to do right this second
  8. Thanks Greg, very much appreciated, by the way I really liked your tutorials/videos on Vimeo, the ghost turned out really well. Lol, I have downloaded the drivers already I imagine it will take a while to get used to as I have only ever used a mouse, when I tried my brothers bamboo I had trouble selecting the correct tool I wanted from the list, I would end up selecting either side of it but that is just down to me, lol. Do you have a nib preference 3D Sculptress? I guess I am trying to figure out when and under what circumstances you might use the other nibs? Thanks, Andrew.
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments I ordered the Intuos4 medium, it should be here tomorrow so looking forward to that. Is there a preference to which nib you guys are using, I believe it comes with 5x std, 1x flex (I assume this is the spring one that artman is referring to?), 1x stroke and 3x felt nibs? Thanks, Andrew.
  10. Thanks for all the great advice everyone, very helpful. I had been edging towards the Intuos4 before I saw the bamboo fun (http://www.wacom-asia.com/bamboo/bamboofun/), one thing I wanted to make sure of was that I only buy one tablet which will hopefully meet my needs for a number of years which seems to be the case with the Intuos range, from looking here and the newtek forums. It seems most users have had them for several years and only upgrade when they wanted to and not usually because of failure. The other worry I had with the Intuos4 was the nib wear, from what you are saying sounds like it is down more to users maybe pressing the pen to hard than a design fault (there is a big post on the Wacom EU forums about it). Does 3D Coat make use of the tilt feature? I think I will go and place an order for the Intuos4, in the meantime I will try and get some time with my brothers bamboo graphics tablet. Thanks again for the advice Andrew.
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking at buying my first graphics tablet and hoped someone can give me some advice on which one to buy. My brother bought himself a Bamboo pen and touch 2nd edition the other day and I have never used a stylus before so gave it a go in 3D Coat and was really impressed so I started looking into buying one for myself. I don't know if monitor size has anything to do with tablet size but I am using a 30" monitor. I was leaning towards a medium Intuos4 but then took a look at the medium Bamboo Fun and now don't know which will meet my needs best, basically I will be using it for painting and some sculpting in 3D Coat and maybe drawing in a 2D package. I know the Intuos4 has twice the pressure levels, better resolution, pen tilt, higher report rate, more options regarding nibs etc however over here it costs $410 AUD compared to $220 AUD for the Bamboo Fun Medium (the silver one). Am I likely to make use of the extra features, especially in 3D Coat (sculpting and painting) or are they mainly gimics? I also read that the Intuos4 goes through nibs quite fast, is this consistent for most users or is it down to personal use (eg. how hard you press down with the pen)? I don't mind paying the extra for the Intuos4 if I am going to see a benefit within 3D Coat, for instance is the resolution much more useful on the Intuos4 (5080) compared to the Bamboo Fun (2540)? Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere local I can go and compare the tablets. Looking forward to any advice you can offer. Thanks, Andrew.
  12. Nice work Back in 2000 I had an operation and was off work for 12 weeks, I started watching Bob every morning on cable and was fascinated by how easy he made it all look. I remember one of the episodes he had a field mouse in his top pocket while he painted one scene. He came across as such a nice guy.
  13. These are great, very easy to watch with a lot of information, I can't wait for the next one
  14. Thanks for doing these they are great I watched the ear video and plan on watching the the second one later today, are you planning on do others because you have a very relaxed and easy to understand method of getting the information across?