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  1. Wow thanks!! I posted on Zbrush forum too but still no reponses :/ I guess is stalking time then Again thank you so much for your time!
  2. Question regarding Hard Surfaces Modelling and Concept Meshing Hi all! The past week I brought from EAT 3D the dvds "Hard Surface Modelling 1 & 2" but I'm having a problem with the mesh concepting part of the DVD_1. (If you don't have the dvd, you can see the 7th image from left to right to know what I'm talking about). The dvd doesn't give you any info of how the concept mesh was done, and since I'm still new to Zbrush (but loving it thus far ) I really don't know how could I start this mesh and obtain something similar to what they get at the DvD. Any advice or tutorial which can point me to the right direction would be very appreciated! I have done a lot of modelling in 3ds Max but I really want to make my first high-end-detail model in Zbrush Thank you so much for your time! Looking forward for answers! PS. Sorry if wrong section I'm still new here[/indent]
  3. Wow , thank you very much for the explanation it was very clear and helped me a lot! To retopo manually it would be the same steps replacing the autoretopo ones for the normal retopo ones(importing the mesh from zbrush as a reference mesh) right? Again thanks, you are an awesome community!
  4. Thanks for the answer, but i have to ask, once that i retepo something on 3D Coat how do i do to import the retopo model to zbrush and then project the details that it had on zbrush? (assuming that i sculpt it , detail it and then export it to 3D coat) Thanks in advance, im new on 3d coat and zbrush (if you know a good guide pls let me know ) PS. english is not my mother lenguage sorry for mistakes
  5. Hi all, could someone link or explain to me a efficient way to combine both programs? i would like to sculpt on zbrush and then retopo on 3d coat but im really new on both programs so i would like to know a basic way to do that :C thanks in advance
  6. First of all let me introduce as a new member of the community and congrats for the amazing community that you have! In the project that im working on im having a little problem with retopology so i write here hoping that someone can help me to sort things out. I started moddeling a basic gun in Zbrush wich in this high-poly mesh: Next, i proceed to retopologizate it in 3D-Coat ( i love zbrush but come on, i dont have a whole week to retopo a single mesh D:), and imported the result to zbrush ( in 3d coat: retopo-> export> obj,) The result: And now my problem: the next thing that i do is follow the steps of this tutorial: and the result is this : (To match the high poly ver with the low one i use Deformation-> unify on the High poly) i tried using projection with no luck :S (maybe cuz im a newbie who dont have idea how the projection values work ) Result with projection: Helllp if someone knows a way to solve this it would help me a lot D: (i wanted to use the advantages of both programs: 3dcoat awesome retopo tools and zbrush sculpting to improve my workflow) or at least a diferent workflow wich let me use the sinergy of both programs PS1: I have been using zbrush only to a basic level but i want to master it ( im studing computer science right now but want to do a specialization in graphic desing) PS2: Still learning english sorry for mistakes