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  1. I am looking for an "easy" way to create unique head and body morphs for V4/ M4/ K4 etc. Can anyone tell me how 3D Coat's workflow compares with N-sided Argile's workflow for creating head/body custom morphs for M4/ V4 etc. Here is a link to a video of custom head morph creation in N-sided Argile. My question, is - which program would make this specific task easier. Thanks for any advice. P.S. Was wondering if I can do the following in 3d coat as well?:
  2. Can anyone point me to info (tuts/ videos/forum posts) about how I can use 3D Coat to work with Poser content to and from Carrara Pro? Im new at both programs and am still trying to figure out workflows. Am looking for the big picture so I can figure out the best way to start using 3D coat For example - what is the best way to: To and from Carrara: Reduce the size of Kids4 head / reshape K4 Head Export clothing from Carrara add detail to it uv map it return it to Carrara Export an obj from Carrara (example: a wall) add detail to it uv map it and return it to Carrara Make clothing for M4 (or any character)- uv map it and return it to Carrara Thanks a bunch for any advice.
  3. Thanks so much Phil and Digman I checked out the pdf, video and tutorial and now have a much better idea of how to go about using ('learning') 3dCoat for clothing models. Thanks also for saving me hours of 'more' needless research. I might never have figured out that it was the program I needed if you hadn't pointed me in the right direction. Much appreciated!
  4. Thanks! I will download the demo tonight. Ididn't realize there was a good pdf in it.
  5. Thanks for the reply Sounds like 3d Coat is a good app for a 3d newbie but Photoshop intermedie like me. So.. let me get this straight before the April 1st cheap price deadline. I make a jean texture in Photshop-- eg seamless tiling texture or highres scan etc. Then in 3dCoat: paint (or fill?) the jeans texture onto the pants model. AND strategically place more .psd layers like stiching or zippers onto the pants model .... or Brush some stiches or a zipper onto the pants model (without displacing any geometry) AND see immediately how all this will actually look like on the pants model Then save this map to use in the color channel , or bump channel etc. in Cararra? Is this the same process for other kinds of maps as well? Eg. Luminiosity, transparency etc.. ? If so, WOW!! I checked out your website Phil. Nice textures on your architectural and scifi models in your gallery. I was wondering if you used 3dCoat for some of these?
  6. Hi, I am very new at 3d, and was wondering if 3d coat can be used to make textures for clothing models? Can I: 1). import an .obj file (eg pair of pants) from Poser into 3dcoat along with its texture map....Then 2). use a Photoshop brush to brush a jean texture (Or brush zippers, buttons etc.) onto the model and see these changes onscreen as they happen? (Without displacing the model itself?) 3). export this new texture map to Cararra, where I can wrap it onto the pant model but not necessarily using displacement. I probably have not phrased this question properly as I am still confused about the steps involved in creating textures for clothing. Basically, does 3dcoat make texture creation for clothing easier? If yes, Also, if my pants .obj model is not yet mapped, does 3dCoat also do UV mapping? Any info would be greatly appreciated.