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  1. Thanks link looks perfect! Thanks very much I will investigatae. Bob
  2. So, nobody on here does any 3D printing?? Bob
  3. I've been intrigued about 3D printing lately, but know nothing about it! Is there a tutorial or rules or guidelines to follow when creating a model in 3D Coat for printing? I don't plan on buying a printer, so any recommendations of companies that do so would be great, too. Thanks! Bob
  4. OK. Thanks! Bob
  5. Thanks for the info, pegot! I'm not even sure Cheetah supports P-tex. Looking forward to the new version of Cheetah, too. Hopefully it improves a few of its shortcomings. Bob
  6. Yeah, I can just use an image, but I was wondering more about settings. I know they are different in each application as far as getting optimal results from displacement. Bob
  7. Anyone on here use Cheetah 3D along with 3D Coat? Just bough Cheetah and also have 3D Coat. Cheetah uses a displacement modifier rather than as part of a material system and it seems to work differently than other apps. I was wondering if anyone uses both with displacement maps. Or, are there any examples from 3D Coat around that I can download and test in Cheetah. Thanks! Bob
  8. Thanks very much! Bob
  9. Which one is the latest release version for Mac? Bob
  10. Just purchased my upgrade to version 4, but I'm not sure which one to download. My choices are EU or Canada. I'm in the US. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob
  11. Is there a way to make fairly realistic looking feathers and/or fur in 3D Coat? I don't have a dedicated hair solution in my 3D app and would like to see what my options are. Obviously, it's not going to be dynamic or blow in the wind, by I'd like to know what's possible. Thanks! Bob
  12. OK. So here's the new plan: 1. Build a base mesh in Cinema 4D (I'm not really comfortable sculpting from scratch yet) 2. Bring into 3D Coat for sculpting, texture, painting. 3. Export .obj and normal map (Is that correct?) At what point do I need UVs? Should the obj I'm importing have UVs? Are UVs needed for sculpting or just for texture/painting? Thanks. Bob
  13. I followed the Rat tutorial (which was very informative) and I now realize...I SUCK at sculpting! Aside from that, how can you get all quads or make sure there are no n-gons or tris when retoplogizing? My character will be animated and they need clean, quad only meshes. Thanks. Bob
  14. LiveClay works only in tris, right? Does retoping after you're done take car of making everything quads? Bob
  15. I'm about to start a character (creature) and was wondering what is the recomended method. It will be animated. Should I bring in a low res model and start from that? Bring into voxel room? Start in voxel room? Or bring into one of the other texturing areas? I have no experience sculpting, so I don;t know how fast I would pick that up from scratch. So, any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm in v3.7. Thanks. Bob