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  1. Problem object seems to move in space without even touching it that goes goes for voxel as well as surface sculpting.. Weird, I don't know of that is a driver problem or what.
  2. Can some one please answer my question?
  3. Why am I not getting the Beta to work ? It keeps coming up with the old..Thx
  4. This is great news I am glad I came here to see what is up. I was looking at Substance Painter but I don't see a need for it now since I saw this thread, keep up the good work Andrew.
  5. Like the Gargoyle..
  6. Nice work Leigh it has been a while since I was back here..
  7. Much thanks that is where it was. I never noticed that until you mentioned it. You learn something new everyday.
  8. Thanks, yes..
  9. File>Install extension> restart, for some reason they do not show up when I restart what am I doing wrong? No brushes masks nothing..
  10. Looking good Digman.. Garagarape, you will like Messiah, it is alot more user friendly then Maya.
  11. Nice job!!
  12. I have not been back in a while that is really cool! Nice job..
  13. looking good.
  14. Come on now lifting your Wacom pen is not exercise? LOL That is a good point thou. Nice job on the skulls Leigh..