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  1. Like the Gargoyle..
  2. Nice work Leigh it has been a while since I was back here..
  3. Looking good Digman.. Garagarape, you will like Messiah, it is alot more user friendly then Maya.
  4. Nice job!!
  5. I have not been back in a while that is really cool! Nice job..
  6. looking good.
  7. Come on now lifting your Wacom pen is not exercise? LOL That is a good point thou. Nice job on the skulls Leigh..
  8. That looks great!
  9. Nice detail on the zipper great start..
  10. Looking good!!
  11. Nice javis!! I actually did a shoe design a couple of years ago in Lightwave but 3DC would have been great to use for it..
  12. Very cool.. What did you use to animate it?
  13. Wow, great job Garagarape, it would be nice to see a more of a rustic metal look on metal parts would really make it stand out I am sure you are probably not finished yet.
  14. I hope you are going to do and animation with this..