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  1. Deleting the options.xml did not help. I don't have any problem with the other .3b, only with this particular file. I didn't use voxel but rather imported an OBJ for ptex painting and sculpting. In the past when my program crashed and it tried to recover my file I would encounter the same distortion problem but normally that will be on the recovered file as 3DCoat would try to save any file before the program crashed, but this time somehow 3DCoat managed to replace my original file with the recovered file and thus I can't do anything about it now. I did a screen recording as you'd suggested. Please take a look at the attachment. Thank you 3dCoat
  2. Hi Greg, I've downloaded the latest beta version (3.5.23) but same problem still occurs
  3. Another thing that i found out is my tool for Ptex Local Resolution has disappeared!
  4. Hi, I need an urgent help! I've been working on my creature in 3DCoat until the software crashed due to insufficient memory and I had to make a hard restart on my mac. When I reopen my latest file, everything became distorted and I dont have any other version of the file. (please see attached image to understand) Can someone please help me with this, I've spent 8 hours working on this and it will be a big waste of time if i have to redo everything from scratch again Thanks!
  5. Hi, Is there anyway I can make my material to be rendered with transparency applied? I need to make a membrane on my creature that is semi transparent and so far I have no luck in creating it in 3D Coat Thanks.