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  1. Online translation on many languages

    Thanks so fast & nice reply. Your good words are our honor. So,added 2 translations. Interface http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/Interface.htm Definekey http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/DefineKey.htm If you want to place them onto your site,(if so, I'm happy :-)) you can grab all the object about these translation at, http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/Curves.js http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/Curves.swf http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/DefineKey.js http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/DefineKey.swf http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/Interface.js http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/Interface.swf As everyone knows, next following translations will placed at same space, with same naming rules please tell me if you need translated wink's *.src of them. But I think(and hope) the speed of upgrade of 3DC is much more faster than these documents So above of them will soon be out of date :lol:
  2. Online translation on many languages

    Thanks a lot for our works Andrew. The first one was done: http://1519.rocketspace.net/3DC/Curves.htm We'll do one by one,slow but will keepin' forward If you hope us to translate \Languages\Japanese.xml, we'll do that.
  3. Online translation on many languages

    You'll know about completed translated manual in Japanse by users : http://numakichi.wiki.cmssquare.com/index....%AA%9E%E8%A8%B3 Notice that this issue was done by people who never seen any page of the "property" manual. So we think you may tell every one that there's the 100% 2.07 manual translated in Japanese, and it has been growing as your works as sonn as possible. That wiki pages already contains 2.08 and 2.09 issues. Also, I know there's some plan to translate tutorials. If you write the status page as "Japanse 100%", it will be a honor for all Japanse volunteers. We all hope so.