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  1. Aleksey, I have not seen 123d - I'll check it out. Mykyl, you're are proably correct about ios being their preference. I'm not sure how Droid got in my head...must of been a Linux thing. I've been smoking a lot of that lately.
  2. Beat - You make solid points. As I said the interface would have to get a tablet friendly upgrade. I do think 3D on a tablet is inevitable but, like you said probably not going to be functional for some time. On a tablet, along with precision, there is the absence of classic hotkeys as well - CTRL ALT SHIFT etc. and the 3 button mouse etc - so problems to solve. However, they said there's going to be a "platform" addition. I was guessing it just might be Droid since they're already "App" developers etc and for the marketing reasons I mentioned above.
  3. - Ha! Beat, I wouldn't put it past them but, I'm enjoying a little "What if..." right now. My guess: Nevercenter will release Silo3D on Droid. Someone made an insightful comment that they were using Silo3d when their computer then was as powerful as the Droid tablets are now. The interface would need some tablet friendly improvements but, a low cost basic modeler could do well in the tablet market for fleshing out ideas etc. That could be an interesting marketing move because, it would be a market where they didn't have to compete with the Modos, Mayas, and Blenders, LW etc. - Poly I completely agree. I and a few others suggested the whole "Community Buy Out" or "Open Source" years back. They said no because the program was still profitable for them. Which I think largely lead to the conclusion they were milking their "dead horse" for all it's worth. Let's hope this is a return to development and not a poor stab at just raking in a few more bucks. Oh, and I think Paint Tool Sai inspired a lot of successful programs so, yeah. - General - Yeah ya know I've watched blender and I have to agree about the hot keys. I like the whole translate in x y z direction hot key thing etc. However, I change the mouse/navigation preferences immediately. I really need to spend some more time modeling with it and see if it doesn't grown on me.
  4. I know most of you "In the know" will roll your eyes, as I did. However, it appears that Nevercenter is finally updating Silo 3D. Evidence is on their Facebook and CGTalk Forum pages - just FYI. I won't fault anyone's skepticism after waiting years myself but, this is good news IMHO. I'm excited because, I've found very few programs that are as intuitive and fun as Silo. Although not perfect, Silo 3D was truly zen and allowed me to feel like an artist when modeling. Plus, Silo + 3D Coat Merge Tool = A Whole Lot of Fun! Regarding Inuitive Programs: Here's my "favorites" list of amazingly well thought out and intuitive programs that stand apart IMHO: 3D-Coat (of course which is why I'm here + just about the best devs and community ever - pardon my fanboy gushing but so many of you have made vids/tutorials etc along with great code + the Photoshop and tablet friendly design is genius. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the little things like customization and menus opening where I'm working instead of me going to them. It's just brilliant.) Mudbox - use it and you'll just know why - simplicity and focus. Sketchbook Pro - Best drawing app (I'm also using Manga Studio 5ex - powerful, but, sketchbook is just so simple an friendly.) Please add your own as I'm always interested in finding tools that bring happiness to my work.
  5. Thanks digman! That's the technical explanation I was needing. I will remember - "Voxels need to be uniform!" You're a scholar and a gentleman!
  6. OK, I was able to use the grow tool and essentially inflate the volume until the issue went away. However, I still don't get why everything looked fine in the viewport but, went to crap as soon as I tried to increase resolution or opened after saving. Someone got a useful insight on that? Fixed with grow tool and large brush radius below:
  7. OK - So I'm starting a new voxel sculpt. Made some floppy ears on a layer with blob tool then pose tool/free-form and everything looked fine. Next, I wanted to increase the res for some detailing but, I couldn't without the ear turning into a jagged mess - see below. So I hit undo and everything looked fine again - saved it and reopened it and I get the same jagged mess that's missing part of the ear. Advice anyone? What am I missing here? TIA!
  9. Well first Kudos to Digital-Tutors for paying attention! And no, I don't feel cheated of mislead. It was clear from the course descriptions what would be included application wise. I'd just like to see an entire course on 3D-Coat because, often the existing courses utilize programs that aren't in my pipeline. And secondly, Javis - sounds like you just found a new market for your training!
  10. Javis, Just purchased your Maneuvering Points training for Modo. I trust it will be disclaimer free! Thanks for all the training you've done and the affordable pricing!
  11. So, I wasn't going to say anything but, it's just too much. I signed up to try out Digital-Tutors training this month - Pretty good/fair value. They even claim to have 3D-Coat training but, I've yet to find a course entirely focused on it. What's annoying me is that every time I've clicked on a course that utilizes 3D-Coat they put up a disclaimer as if it's needed. (See Attached Image) Now I can only speculate but, it seems pretty clear they have some serious corporate whore licensing going on. It's always pissed me off that they stopped doing Modo training out-of-the-blue, but, using disclaimers on anything that's 3D-Coat?! Really? (And I've only seen this on trainings with 3D-Coat in them so far - never on any Adobe or Autodesk yet.) What's funny is that every instructor I've seen using 3D-Coat has said they think 3D-Coat is awesome- and hence the need for the disclaimer so Pixologic and Autodesk don't get all threatened. Get your coat on Digital-Tutors and stop being such wussies! LOL!
  12. The downloads appear to be up at this time. I'm downloading Creative Suite Disk 1 as a test. I don't need it but, somehow I feel oddly obligated to try. I'm seriously enjoying my CS6 Creative Cloud membership (Illustrator's new trace has already been real money for me) but, I don't like that they force you to install both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of certain apps. Just a simple check box that's all I ask.
  13. Does anyone have any experience with utilizing Lucidlogix Virtu MVP on a production machine? I want to turn it on but, I'm curious if it might cause issues for 3D-Coat and my other 3D apps. Just FYI - I also use Modo, Lightwave etc. I'm kind of impatient on these things, so I'm probably going to push the big red button before anyone responds.