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  1. >Check this box and it will give you a gizmo. Thank you very much... it's bit inconsequent, but i should found it myself.
  2. OK, so now I dare to ask - how to move or rotate freeform primitives? I think they need a bit love in 3.2.2...
  3. @Paint Guy - I like it except "close tab" button in right -bottom corner. I think right-top corner will be better.
  4. "So if a slider normally goes 0-1 and I type in/scroll to 3, now 3 will be the sliders new maximum for that session/object/file." thats sounds very good.
  5. I stand partially corrected too I think in "before 9.x cases" it will be 0-100%. To be honest I think going under and below this should be more like an exception. If not, it means percentage is not well balanced. Or it's badly chosen. In lightwave in few cases you should use 500, 1000 or even 10000% (caustics i think) - thats wrong.
  6. @ philnolan3d "However, unlike LightWave they stop at 100%" In Lightwave they stop at 100% too - you can type more than 100%, but from minisliders you get only 0-100%
  7. Thats great !
  8. I really hope that curve modeling will be expanded in v. 3. 3d Coat can be perfect tool for fast industrial design prototyping - cutting with curves its a good idea, but i think curves needs to be more like in illustrator or - better - like in rhino/moi. Now I, for example, can only draw circle and it cuts a shape. But I need it to make boolean intersect, or move it, or snap to something... But I'm really in this - and will watch this thread very closely. I know majority thinks about it as a free form modeling, but for hard surface prototype modeling, with this price, it will be a gem.