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  1. Rhino update! I added some skin wrinkles to the vox sculpt. Originally I was going to do this in the paint room but the resolution is fine enough for some skin wrinkles. I tried to do this in LC but I was getting some strange distortions in the mesh. There was one area of the front legs that just refused to behave.
  2. Thanks! I'll probably take it a little farther in voxels then do some of the finer details like the skin bumps in paint.
  3. A rhino I'm playing around with. My 3 1/2 year old is in to animals now and I saw a rhinoceros in a video he was watching and thought why not give it a go. Thought I'd post a couple of images.
  4. Slight update on my alien. I played around with his face a little and made him a bit meaner looking. I also knocked down his cheekbones a little. The last pic is a render out of lightwave of the retopo mesh with normal map. The surface is a sss one. No real color map was made yet for the skin. I did experiment with texturing him in paint with an 8k texture resolution for fine details and quickly found that that is where the bottleneck is for me in the 3d coat pipeline. It could be me though. The process seems to come to a screeching halt when trying to load the project with an 8k texture. My system is pretty up to date. There's 16 gig of ram and a core i7 2600K processor. The video card is a NVidia game card with a decent amount of Cuda Cores. I don't have the actual specs with me right now though. Has anyone else tried an 8k res texture yet? Just wondering. The actual painting part seems fast, it's just the loading and unloading of the project that becomes really slow. The original sculpt was 15 million tris but I reduced it to 5 million with hardly any loss of detail. I'm still experimenting with this model and I'll try to post more updates soon. Thanks for listening.
  5. Thanks guys...I found it right after I posted... Doh!
  6. Can anyone download the Beta 4 release? I poked around in the latest downloads section but I didn't see it. Do you have to pay for the 4 upgrade first?
  7. Thanks, guys! I probably will retopo it manually. I always wind up doing it that way it seams. I will probably finish the fine details in paint. I'll post some of the renders of the finished model when I get that far. Thanks again!
  8. Here's an alien I'm messing around with, thought I'd share it with the group.
  9. Thanks guys! Kev, you should check out the PDF tutorial by Izmeth Sideek in the 3dcoat main page go to tutorials/free tutorials/voxel tutorials then look for the revolver. It really opened my eyes as to how to go about sculpting the hard edged geometry. Also there is a great tutorials by Abnranger. Look for a new one on the pose tool. Mastering the pose tool is definitely the key to this stuff. The trick is in the way you go about selecting the area that you want to modify. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks guys! Ha ha, no I haven't Javis. I've seen every bigfoot documentary though, does that count?
  11. Here's another one closer in on the head.
  12. Bigfoot sculpt I'm messing around with. Thought I'd share a screen grab.
  13. I've recently been trying more hard surface type sculpting. Here is a tire I was messing around with. Starting to get a better feel for the tools.
  14. Thanks guys for taking time and answering my questions, your input is greatly appreciated! I think I learn something new every time I use this software.
  15. Thanks, Javis! Yeah, I'm familiar with the merging in the retopo room. But, when you do that it adds a new mesh to the paint room with a new normal map, correct?. I was hoping to keep the mesh that is already in the paint room and preserve the paint work that went into it. My main issue is with UV islands and if you change the island in the UV room it would be nice is there was an easy way for the UV islands in the Retopo room to be updated as well to keep everything synced. This would allow a nice workflow pipeline within 3D Coat that would allow you to go from Voxels to Retopo to Paint then make some adjustments to the UV islands then maybe go back to Voxels to fix something then pop on back to Paint. Kind of a random access way to work instead of a linear flow. I hope this making sense, ha ha? I should say that I really love 3D Coat and I've been using it for some time now. It's really the only software that I actually look forward to using. Great videos btw Javis. I think I watched each one about 20 times. I think there should be a video that explains the inner workings of 3D Coat. Maybe an explanation of what's happening under the hood as you use the software. This might help clarify some things about the various "rooms". Thanks again!