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  1. I think that masking should be universal in the first place. It should work similar (or the same) for voxels, posing, texturing, texture baking, retopo, rendering or whatever. No more "additional tools", more "universal" (or "smart") tools please
  2. If you think for computing, then if Andrew rewrite the core from CUDA to OpenCL, then OpenCL itself will handle multi-GPU support. If you think for displaying, I think it's to necessary, as displaying of trinagles isn't bottleneck of 3D Coat now. As far as I know none of 3D modelers in the market today supports multi-GPU displaying.
  3. But sadly, G is in the middle of the keybord, without any clue around, so it is the key, I would always have to find. These "abbreviation" shortcuts aren't as logical as they seems, because even if you can type with ten fingers, you usually don't know, where the keys are placed, so when you need to press one exact key, you need to look at the keybord. On the oposite side, 3ds max, for example, use "visual" placement for keybort shortcuts, so they aren't connected with the name of command in any way, but they are sorted on keyobord in same order as they are in GUI, so you have Q,W,E,R for Selection, Move, Rotate, Scale, just because this is the order and position of icons in Main Toolbar. Once you get used to it, its easier to find the right key, then making discovery voyage around the keybord to find the right button, even if you know, which letter you are heading for. Of course, keybord shortcuts can be easily changed everywhere, but it illustrates different attitude to making of user interface ("think and search" X "watch and learn") Sorry for off topic, this should definitely be in Interface discussion.
  4. Once i had an idea about visual setup of reference images, you just put the two images on background (of course it works with even more images as well) and then draw two lines on both of them. Then the algorythm should place, scale, rotate or even correct perspective (if the lines are concurrent or divergent) of these two images. You only have to decide whitch lines hsould be horizontal and which should be vertical (in case when they will be getting near 45 degrees, but those would be very bad references ) This should be faster, more intuitive and maybe even more precise then numeric input in image reference setup. In the exapmle below will be in the end all lines horizontal and side and back image will have the same distance between red "rails". If you can treat reference image as polygon, this transformations could be quite simple.
  5. I have one idea for retopo ... now, it's quite hard to retopo hard surfaces, because it's uneasy to hit edge or corner of an object accurately and quadrangulate is very bad, when it comes to retopo "boxes" (it just never puts points on edges or in corners, so it just cuts the corners out). So maybe there are two possible solutions, both based on detection of edges and corners in voxel space (and sadly, thats what I don't know whether it's possible - it's easy for human to find them, maybe not for computer) - adjust quadrangulate algorithm not to start at any place, but find edges and corners at the beginning and start from them or/and allow to snap to edges and corners in manual retopo.
  6. I'm using FBX import to 3dc (from 3ds max) and I haven't any problem for long time. Collada support would be great, because I had some problems with exporting FBX from XSI Mod Tool (in smooth groups/hard edges).
  7. I think the main part of SW logo must be square shaped (all your logos are markedly rectangular) - just because all the icons are squares and icons are the most important places, where will logo be. Then it can be very simple, 3ds max, Maya, XSI, they all have very simple logos, Maya has special logotype, but max is simple in all ways. You don't have to include picture into text. Your logos can be used for web or splashscreen, but these are not so important things for beggining.
  8. I'm still getting this problem in V79 (CUDA 32 DX), sometimes its even worse, because tabs go far east (right), under the light and camera controls. But mostly in the middle of teh screen. And somethimes i got Instability warning (or even immediate crash without any notice), when I try to dock for example VoxTree panel in Paint mode (layout). Not always, maybe in half of attempts. I think automatic docking is ok, its just too sensitive in 3DC, it should work on smaller area (closer to edges) or with some delay, lets say 1 or 2 sec.
  9. No, no, thats how Modo UI works and in my opinion it is one of very few bad things of Modo UI. If you move tabs there, it seems they are connected only with Tool palette. But they are not, they are more "global" and I think they should be above all tabs or viewport.(Btw when you are writing vertically, it's always better to write from the bottom to the top)
  10. The tabs at the top of the window have imho illogical order (now when we can't move them). In my opinion, they should have order of "3DC-only" workflow, which is (should be) probably: Voxels > Retopo > UV > Sculpt > Paint > Render Maybe the Sculpt mode is needless at all, it can be dissolved into Voxels and (displacement) Paint. Of course the workflow can be also non-linear, but I think this is logical order.
  11. I think the new type of painting should be called Texel Painting. The only problem is that (nearly) nobody knows what Texel is
  12. Remember this - people listen only to three words - faster, easier, more comfortable (that were in fact four words). To say anything else is in vain.
  13. Don't forget on multi-monitor support - possibility of dragging (for exmalple) UV layout out of the main window of 3D Coat. I think it's very important.
  14. I have a problem with painting over whole area of polygon. I click the polygon, paint it with color, but an area around some edges still remains grey. It's easier to see with low-res textures. It's probably the problem of bleeding/padding.
  15. Its getting Photoshopper Imho even 12 items in that Quick access is too much. Good way of controling this kind of menus is not to really click on buttons, but just recognize the directon of mouse movement ... and for human being, it's hard to effectively use more then 8 directions (horizontal, verctical and two diagonals). Maybe the Layers menu should be redone. There is a lot of wasted space and even full height of monitor can show only "few" layers ... but its also problem of Photoshop itself.