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  1. Hi, 3Dcoat seems to have made a long way since I used it. And with this fast pace development it's quite hard to keep up to date with the last improvement. I'd like to know if 3DCoat as similar capacity as Freeform sensable allowing to smooth surface, extrude and bevel using curves like in this video. From the last version it is mentionned that it has tool for prototyping modeling, but I can't find any details feature list. Thanks
  2. I read this story too, I don't know if I am impressed or sad. I'm impressed by your skills, but sad that Christians got you I find this story and the way you try to convince how good the Christ is for mankind really offending. What about Muslims, Jews or any others? It is really intolerant to force any users to think the way you are and to live the way you are. And you are just doing it for yourself, not that you care about us, just because you care about your moral. Let everyone choose their own path. You move this statement from the EULA to your website, maybe it's time to move it to your privacy. I really respect you, your work, your work ethic, and I just think you found the wrong person in an important moment of your life. But this story turns like Tom Cruise using his fame to convince everyone that Scientology is the way to go, the difference is that (almost) everyone is according to say that Scientology is evil. Maybe this article can help some people to understand themselves better and chose whatever they want to overcome their brain bugs. Too bad the answer to "why do I watch porn" was "because I'm not following Christian principles". Fortunatly Walter Mischel strived to search for the answer and he really did help mankind.
  3. Hello I've seen that you were working on new retopology tools on CGsociety forums. That's great. You seems to try to implement guided automatic retopology. If I can add something, the feature you are working on is really great. But I would like to see the same with reprojection, a guided reprojection of already existed mesh. Because for the moment the mesh reprojection is totally crazy, you don't have any control over it. And that would help to reuse the same mesh over and over without having to recreate the same topology from scratch. That's a feature I'd really love to see, I know it exist in cyslice, but it is really expensive and more geared toward big studios. IMHO it's better than an automatic retopology, even if I really love this feature, but with the ability to reproject accurately an existing topology would be even faster.
  4. There is a bug with delete Edge in retopo tools, if you enable edge loop with delete edge tool and switch to collapse edge, it will select edge ring. And edge ring in collapse mode doesn't work.
  5. So, any plan on having color setting like Photoshop? That's quite boring when you have a full linear workflow to jump between appz who don't let you manage your Gamma. Maybe you are currently able to do it, in this case I really like to know how to do it. Thanks.
  6. Thank you, I was looking for this in the brush preset. And that's exactly what I was looking for, Thanks once again.
  7. I'm messing with Bodypaint right now, and that make me love 3DCoat more and more, there are only few little thing I would like to see in DP to make it even better but right now it is so powerful and simple to use compare to Bodypaint. Currently I got visible seam while painting Normal map, I hope it can be fixed. -Is it possible to have a better preview of your brush while using the Stamp tool, right now you got a graph inside the brush and a really blurry shape of the pattern you are using as a brush. -Is it possible to flip the picture you are using as brush on X or Y axis? I found how to randomly filp it but I want it to be flipped once to be used without having to to it in Photoshop. -Is there a way to change between foreground and background color randomly while you are painting? Like in photoshop? And the best would be to have a random color taken from a gradient done from your foreground and background color. Finally, pressure doesn't seems to be taken in account while painting, I toggle the opacity from pressure but nothings happen, did I miss something? Dp is awesome
  8. philnolan3D Did you made a video showing the real time normal painting and the resulting normal map in 3DCoat ? I'm looking for a video showing this feature.
  9. Alpha74 GL I tried to paint a normal map with the new DP features, and I got visible seams when I paint accross them. I don't know if it is linked to the software I used for Laying out my uv, but just in case I used UVLayout.
  10. I really like the this interface, it's simple and pretty clear, lovin' it
  11. Sailor I can't agree more from what you said, that's so true. Reusing retopology is really really important, and instead of automatic magic retopology I strongly agree that's a feature that need to be done. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that automatic retopology is bad, but for me that's more a hobbyist feature than a professional feature. (Even if you can use it for illustration ) I will surely use it to do still image because I love what it does and with the little addition Andrew plan to add that can really fasten the process. But for the moment even Zbrush or Mudbox haven't got such a feature. I talked about it a long time before, but I know that Andrew is busy, and I'm glad that you are saying it once again. Cyslice as such a feature who allow you to conform a topology who is similar for an other model. First it automaticly align the topology on your mesh, than you can choose some reference dot on both model and they will fit closely to the new mesh. That's really fast, and really usefull. But just an automatic alignement tool and a freeform deformer before dropping the topology on the scene to conform it on the mesh could do the job. All of that to say that's a really important feature, even for game we are reusing topology. About Nurbs tool, if you can add those incredible tool that are provided by Freeform your software will rock. Like sailor said sculpting Creature or human is not a field where it miss too much thing. Voxel are great because you don't have to worry about topology while sculpting, but the major advantage is about hard edge sculpting who is a real pain in Zbrush or Mudbox. I'm always relying on polygonal modeling for this kind of stuff, and I miss Nurbs. If you add the feature you can see in Freeform in your program, damn I will almost cry I think But freeform is not really converting nurbs surface to voxel, that's more using Nurbs tool to manipulate Voxel, like the trim tool or their Round edge tool, who help you to chamfer your edges, seeing on the youtube shoe video, you can find it in their gallery, it's named Sneaker Sole. Look at their videos here, there are in a better quality than those on youtube. That's not reinventing the wheel because freeform is a good program but they are totally closed to the entertainment industry needs, they want to ship their package with their hardware and they are seeing themselves as Hardware revendor instead of software, and then they are totally against adding wacom support. That's a shame I think but that's an other point. In conclusion I totally agree with Sailor, hit where it hurts And like Sailor said, Blow the man Down :p
  12. Talking about the view rotation, what I would like to, is to be able to pick a point to be the center of rotation ala Mudbox, because sometime the current method is disturbing when you got a part of your mesh passing through your line of sight and accidentally picking this part of the mesh with your cursor. That would be great to have several options.
  13. Very good point. Even if I'm used to Zbrush interface, it is far more too complex, they did a very bad implementation of feature. Just baking maps is a real pain compared to Mudbox.
  14. Andrew, that would be great to have to possibility to add some "predefined" edge for quadrangulation. Current mesh are quite good, but you can't have clean uvs, so if we could add one or two straight line to be able to do a good cut, that would help. Right now it is possible to have one with symmetry on, but it works only on symmetrical object. Quadrangluation is really good for still image, but for Uv layout the resulting mesh is quite messy.
  15. Thank you for the trick, I didn't even thought of it.