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  1. Andrew said he will add sketching tools like ShapeShop, that will rocks and you will have the same kind of worklfow but much more powerful.
  2. Excellent work, nice to see this in 3DCoat!
  3. Actually I have 2M Tris, but I don't have enough on the head compare to other part of the body. I miss a way to locally control the density of my mesh . You did a good job on your character,
  4. Played a little bit more with him.
  5. Thanks guys! @Pilou: You're right it is really cool, and I bet that it will be the main sculpting appz I really hope to.
  6. Here is a little creature from the last alien serie I tried to sculpt in 3D coat with VS. VS is really powerful but there is a long way before it become fully usable. The most difficult for me was to roughing out the base shape. I used a base mesh done in 3Dsmax but I could have done it in 3Dcoat with curve with the same result and probably faster. And what is strange is that after a while if you are inflating too much your volume it feels like you are stretching polygons. It happenned on the head and fingers. On the head it was because I am far from the base shape, and on the finger that's because they are smaller than the rest of the body and it is like they got very few polygons and it is unworkable. But by the way I am happy with 3Dcoat, it is really promising. Even if I am really really missing inflat brush So here is the creature and its basemesh.
  7. That would be awesome and the simplier way to do it. Thank you Andrew for this, and a Big thanks to Deadman for your experimentation, that's really cool and your octopus rock.
  8. I know that we are in alpha stage even if it seems so perfect I was not whining on 3Dcoat. Like we said in the feature thread an improvement of 2D paint could help to rough shape. If you can grow a sphere and not just an hemisphere that would be easier than having to rub your surface with the classical tools.
  9. Cool head Jokermax. I like how you are experimenting and pointing out some lack of VS. Did you see this video that's probably what you are looking for, but I don't know if there is such a tool for the moment, it seems like a mix with 2D paint and carve tool. It allow you to create big blobs of "clay", the main difference is that with freeform you got an Haptic device who allow you to stroke in 3D, here we are sculpting with a tablet. So I think that you can trick this by taking the depht from the first stroke (on the model) than you can continue your stroke in screen space or from the normal's surface. But you are right it miss some quick roughing tools, Freeform got many of them for different task so I think we should take a look at it.
  10. Really great sculpt, it remind me the characters in Ant'Z. I really love it, sculpting displayed here are getting better and better, that's great. And you're right about sketching rough form. You can get a rough shape using the curve even if it's not perfect. After seeing your post and Andrew's answer I gave a try at curve to see how it behave for this task, and I've done a little video. Freeform got roughing tools who seems really great, curve doesn't match it for the moment, I made some suggestion to improve it in the feature request thread.
  11. Wow! Excellent work I love it! It's so clean and nice, great job.