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  1. Hey been using 3dcoat recently to automatically make UVs, non-organic stuff, after using it in the past for pixel painting and seeing everything else this app can do im just really amazed that anyone could make this program, thanks Andrew for this incredible work. Its just mind blowing. I mean many of the features of 3dc are not even industry standard, just invented. incredible..
  2. he application failed to initialize properly (*********) . Click on OK to terminate the application My apologies on this is the error, but those numbers are wrong, tried to get a screenshot of it this time but there are no resources available when this happens. Anyways take it for what it is. might just wana ignore it Andrew.
  3. yea but are you using pixel paint for more than 2 hours at a time doing painting like brush strokes? if im the only one then problem solved.. Its happened like clockwork since v67
  4. v75 . Andrew I still get this error, about once per two hours. It happens when pixel painting, just normal paint strokes, 3dc will hang, cpu will be maxed out at 50%, internet will go down. when I go to manually close the application I get this error: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) . Click on OK to terminate the application" Just wanted to give you a heads up. I could say I can predict it happening once every 2 hours of pixel painting. (lots of successive strokes). However its impossible to predict.
  5. working great thanks!
  6. hey thanks Andrew, this makes it much easier to really test the beta. Thanks again! Oh and as far as "view unshaded" still not working here. just imported the cube for per pixel painting, hit view low poly model, then view unshaded model and this is the result. perhaps this is a video card issue? 8600gts latest drivers. Oh and I like how preferences and layout are now saved. Thanks!
  7. OK I dont understand this at all. Why, when I have a valid license is this expiring? All this means to me is I cant do any work today since im using v67, since the view unshaded model has been broken since then.. please change this policy this makes it very hard on people who are putting their time into beta testing this program. I mean im 90% into a project and now I cant finish until either A) this issue is fixed, which I have asked about for weeks, 2) I purchase V3, while tempting, the real value is the time put into beta testing a program that (like the bug found 2 weeks ago) crashes the computer every 30 min and using the program anyways. Thanks
  8. All the color layers? sure, just -> Export all layers color (saves to layered psd) then on the pixel paint one -> Import layers color. should work..
  9. sorry is this answer is retarded but just save the texture as high res as you can get. I think thats the best you can do.. then obviously load model back in for pixel painting and load the texture. I guess this assumes you UVed the model, perhaps that is what you are talking about..
  10. This one is still alive kicking:;#entry16797 thus, still using v67
  11. your saying it works for you then, 'view unshaded model' with 'view low-poly model' on? that has not worked here since v67
  12. Andrew, im sure this is on your long to do list but view -> view unshaded model is still transparent here. cant use either 68 or 69. However, thanks for the update!
  13. not sure about this but I put middle mouse on the stylus eraser, and I use the button up and down on the pen to increase/decrease the pens radius, works like a charm. So when I want to pan I just turn the stylus upside down and hold alt.
  14. Hey Andrew thanks for the fixes of my submitted bugs! One new bug, my favorite mode for painting is 'view unshaded model'. This mode comes up as transparent. (no texture at all) Also, these bugs are still alive and kicking:;#entry16584 Also, the bug discussed here: does not happen like that any more and what does happen (the freeze) is much less frequent, once every four hours or so. I have not tried out v68 for long enough yet, but it might be completely gone now, will keep ya updated. Thanks for the fixes!
  15. Bug found import for per pixel painting get the cube (or whatever) at this point you can paint on the cube in both the viewport and the texture editor. save file open file you can no longer paint in the texture editor, only the viewport. (sometimes its so you can no longer paint in the viewport just the texture editor)