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  1. I want this in 3d coat
  2. looks sweet, i'll pick this up next Friday.
  3. Do you have register to check out? nvm i just noticed you do.
  4. i'm also tripping how Now Newek is saying that hardcore members have 60 days after they release LW11 to upgrade for the given price. Unless i read it wrong. But if so how is that possible if you bought into the HC membership you'r locked into 5 upgrades at the 395 price
  5. Yup i was playing with them for bit in the beta. I really liked the beta version of 9.6. all the plugins where nicely organized. Then when i installed the final version they went back to being just one long list.
  6. you know what i think is funny. Back in 9.6 Newtek said they removed the new Uvmapping tools, but will be in the next version. um it's 2 version in and nothing. Maybe they knew 3d-coat was going to have some new UV tools and figured they could take credit for it....just playing on this part.
  7. i don't know. I would have loved to jump onto the XSI platform. But once AD discontinued their introduction version. i Just couldn't afford it. I agree, right now Modo is still missing features that you would need for VFX and CA. which is why i honestly haven't upgraded Modo from 103 ... hehe. I'm very close to upgrading but it would have to wait till after the new year.
  8. I'm not saying that lw11 isn't worth the upgrade. What i don't think is worth the upgrade is lw10. I never upgraded since i was waiting for Core. Once lw10 came out i was like i can wait for the next version. They Aren't even letting people buy the pre-release unless you buy 10.1. Anyway i guess i can sit on 9.6 until it comes out. Then i'll decided, but honesty i have to say Modo 501 is looking like a much better upgrade.
  9. Thats just it, it sounded like, to me that it was going to be free to those that bought 10/10.1. But from what i been reading people have been buying it
  10. I could be wrong but i swear that at the VFX MINDS on 11/10/11 Rob said, users of 10 and 10.1 will have 11 available to them. i know that he did say if you buy or upgrade to 10.1 you get 11 when it ships at the end of the year. They handed us a nice bag with a shirt and dvd with demo of lightwave 10.1 and some kind of demo of lw11. But i didn't get a chance to see what the dvd came with.
  11. this looks so dang sweet.
  12. that's really cool
  13. sweet thanks man.
  14. Any one have this book. Is this one of those books that can be applied in 3dc. What % of this book could be done in 3dc.
  15. This looks great. i mean really sweet. i wish i could us 3d coat as good you.