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  1. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Yeah all files are up to date
  2. 3D-Coat 4.8 Beta testing thread

    Updated but to 4.8.09 and now getting like 12 or so fps on GL and DX luncher.
  3. Weird UV splotches

    So the fix for my problem was to set 3d-coat to windows 7 compatibly mode . Weird not sure why. Is this a bug and then how would i report it then.
  4. Weird UV splotches

    thanks i'll check later today.
  5. Weird UV splotches

    This is new for me. Has anyone seen this before. After importing everything looks right . I then go to UV and make UV go back to paint room and everything gets splotchy. The second image, the object is made inside 3d-coat. I take it to UVs then back to paint and there they are. Any way to fix it.
  6. V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    32bit link is not working . The Gdrive link also seems to time out.
  7. V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    That sucks, sorry.
  8. V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I had this same problem. But in my case i just removed the shortcut and created a new shortcut from the start menu.
  9. V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Is 4.5 a paid upgrade from 4.XXX
  10. V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    I think is incorrect. The wording in green https://www.dropbox.com/s/hg5imdrpkvmdly7/incorrect_spelling.png?dl=0
  11. I want this in 3d coat
  12. V4 Stable version

    So what's the cost of V4 upgrade after tomorrow
  13. V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    i discovered something weird. When i install 3d-coat i just noticed that the program is not inside the windows uninstall or change program system.
  14. Pure Retopology in 3D-Coat

    looks sweet, i'll pick this up next Friday.
  15. Pure Retopology in 3D-Coat

    Do you have register to check out? nvm i just noticed you do.