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  1. Thanks for voting Tuxmask,. I have lost count of the times I've needed this tool (and the amount of hours it would have saved me) I feel that this tool is even more pertinent TODAY with the advent of PBR related texturing. Imagine being able to create a kit box full of Voxels objects that you have textured with albedo/metallic/roughness etc. You could place them down in the sandbox tiler, bake and capture all that detail. It would blast 3DCoat into the stratosphere. Substance Designer is great but I would use the Sandbox Tiler over that any day, especially if it was created in a clever 'non-destructive' way. Andrew needs a chat with us before starting to implement it. I'm sure we all have a ton of ideas about implementation.
  2. What you want might be this Sandbox Tiling Engine I made this suggestion back in 2009 so I wouldn't hold your breath. I can't quite believe I still need this feature in 3DCoat as there is still no elegant way to tile sculpted geometry in any package available. Please Andrew have another look. I believe it's also been added to Trello, so pop over there and vote it up.
  3. Hey Styler, for some reason when I updated to the latest 3DCoat version 4.5.38 your script now works. Sorry for any consternation I might've caused I'm on Win7 64Bit
  4. This does not work with Maya 2016, can anyone else confirm?
  5. Ah I see. Maybe go to their forums and suggest it, some people might find it useful. Interestingly he's just added a blur parameter to the brushes.
  6. PolyHerz what do you mean by sharpen brush? you mean a real-time brush that operates like Photoshop's Sharpen filter? RE: background colour, I couldn't agree more and it's been requested on their forums a number of times. It works perfectly in programs like Procreate.
  7. Amazing and thank you for sharing L'Ancien. Really appreciated.
  8. My currently favourite 2d Painting app is going for the iPad Pro. I wish these 2 guys all the luck in the world; in my opinion it's the best most natural 2d painting experience around. Lovely brush engine.
  9. Thanks for the Photoline mention Herbert. I'm going to have a look at Photoline, it seems like the perfect Layer based masking system (the next best thing to going Node based) Another thing that bugs me with 3DCoat Layer Masks; it's not a solid Black/White mask like Photoshop it uses transparency. So transferring any Layer masks from existing Photoshop files is a pain.
  10. AbnRanger, good suggestions there for improving Layers. The more visual and immediate the feedback is the more clarity 3DC will have. I would add to the idea of Layer Masks to make them have their own Layer System parented under the Layer they are influencing; if you get my meaning. Quite often in Photoshop I've wanted to be able to layer up my masks i.e. One mask for material ID, the next for local grime detail, another for masking out specific details like Stitching etc. Being able to stack masks would be very powerful.
  11. I can tell you feel passionate and defensive about your chosen tool. None of what you're saying is 'TOO DIFFICULT TO GRASP' so I'll leave you to it. I on the other hand will continue to evaluate ALL tools available and give my feedback where necessary. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  12. Hello yet another typical AbnRanger knee-jerk reaction. Calm down fella. Both barrels blasting? This is NOT the wild west p.s. May I also quote myself After re-reading your responses I feel your reactions are "Way over blown" Being critical of a shortcoming is completely different from Bashing,
  13. AbnRanger - Ok firstly, I feel that you may have just had another knee-jerk reaction. Let's try and keep in civil without any inflammatory insinuations, thanks. ( I'm not here to start a fight, merely to talk about possible limitations with a package I have personally invested a LOT of time with both beta testing and using professionally. I feel personally responsible for the majority of artists in our studio using 3DCoat. Wouldn't Andrew want to improve his application or at least listen to as many active users who may well have valid ideas about how to improve it? It could very well lead to more sales in the future. As I said in my previous posts we are currently reviewing and streamlining our pipeline here and each artist is testing all available packages on the market. What is becoming apparent is that for our purposes 3DCoat is lacking with versatility in its Layers system. Let me explain... In Substance Painter & QS all your Substance (Smart Material) settings are available at all times rather than locked inside a Material which then gets applied to a Layer. You can have as many Masks as you like applied to that Substance so you can keep your detail separate e.g. Material ID, edge wearing, painted specific details etc. It’s a very elegant system. Compare this to 3DCoat and you realise that it’s far superior. Imagine an Art Director reviewing your work and asking for you to change a whole bunch of parameters in your Smart Material in 3DCoat; you will need to go back to the original Material and build a new one (change parameters) then start again on your Layers from scratch. It’s destructive like I said. Why can’t we paint on a ‘Mask Layer’ in 3DC if it’s hidden? Is this a bug? If not then I find it very obtrusive. Also visually you need to perform a workaround to distinguish your Mask layers from ordinary paint layers. I use a prefix or suffix _MASK_ but again it’s not elegant and you need to remember to have all those layers hidden. You may work differently but I tend to try and keep all my details on separate layers to attempt to be as non-destructive as possible (I’m used to ‘Art Direction’) Double this up with many many Mask layers and you can understand our frustration. Our characters are VERY complex with many different elements to coat. Keeping all of this in one scene in 3DCoat with the current layer system is a nightmare if I’m being kind. Have you tried using an ID mask layer in 3DCoat? The magic wand tool is horrendously slow. To the point where it’s actually unusable. It is quicker to send ALL layers to Photoshop make a wand selection and create a new layer fill it with solid pixels and send it all back to 3DCoat than it is to make an ID selection within 3DC. Oh and this is another bug bear of mine, rather than being able to link one ID mask to as many Layers as you want you need to create a new MASK layer for every ID. It’s clunky. Anyway, as I mentioned in my other posts I do actually prefer using 3DCoat as it has many advantages over the other choices I mentioned i.e. you can link a mask layer to as many layers as you like. It has served us very well in the past but as I've outlined its Layer system is becoming less appealing for our particular needs.
  14. I wish I weren't correct as we are currently overhauling our own internal pipeline and reviewing the available 3d Paint packages on the market. I love using 3DCoat but unfortunately it has become apparent that it's not very flexible/powerful in the Layer dept. There are of course pros and cons with all the packages so I'm not being unnecessarily harsh on 3DCoat. At the moment, for our needs, 3DCoat is coming at the bottom of the heap (much to my displeasure) p.s. I would happily work closely with Andrew to help improve this side of 3DCoat but I fear that there is such a large backlog of ideas/bugs that this is not realistic.
  15. You guys are forgetting how bad 3DCoat's Layer system is. No intelligent Layer Masking, Text only?, Layer Groups having no 'Pass Through' 3DCoat needs an overhaul in my opinion as it's starting to feel quite archaic. Both Substance Painter & Quixel Suite have a far superior Layer masking system which allows for rapid changes on the fly in a more non-destructive way. I honestly don't see anything changing in 3DCoat with regards to this for a LONG time. 3DCoat Smart Materials are nice but they are destructive. Meaning that once you've painted them down onto a layer it's set in stone. If you want to tweak the values you have to go back to the Smart Material and start from scratch again on your layer. This to me is a massive shame as I think 3DCoat with a much better Layer system would sit it head and shoulders above the competition.