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  1. This is a workaround and becomes cumbersome with many layers and over time.
  2. Sandbox Tiling Engine

    Thanks Ratchet I already tried this technique and it isn't so nice to use.
  3. Sandbox Tiling Engine

    More like 'dilapidated hope pit'
  4. Sandbox Tiling Engine

    Oh my gosh I almost forgot to do my yearly bump for this tool. With appropriate cheeky SandBox image
  5. Thanks Andrew, I do feel it should be locked by default. I can't see myself ever using the unlocked feature again.
  6. Like the topic suggests this post is about brush size being linked to Depth strength. Is there a way to turn this off in 3dCoat? It's been this way for as long as I can remember and for the life of me I don't know why it was conceived this way. I have up until now merely put up with it but I can't stand it any longer. Why is it this way by default and can we get it changed? This program is for the most part great and is like a swiss army knife of tools but a LOT of them are ill conceived and poorly implemented. I have posted many comments over the years complaining about a lot of them and Andrew (god bless him) has answered most of them and when he doesn't it's because he's been too busy. Sorry for the slightly ranty post but it's been bugging me for too long.
  7. 3D-Coat 4.7 (Beta testing thread)

    Yep, drivers all up to date. I can work for an hour maybe then all of a sudden the mouse cursor will freeze and my whole machine will seize up. This ONLY happens when running these latest beta releases. I will roll back until I find one where this doesn't happen. *EDIT* Ok so I've been using version 4.7.29(DX64) on Windows 10 version. So far so good. No freezing or hanging PC.
  8. 3D-Coat 4.7 (Beta testing thread)

    Is there perhaps a memory leak with these latest beta versions? My machine seems to hang indefinitely and also I've experienced a few blue screens. Just thought I'd let you know this is happening. I'll of course investigate further but it only seems to happen when I run 3DCoat.
  9. Masking Normal Maps

    Thanks again Carlosan, if you look just two posts down I replied to you. It seems still not resolved in the latest version.
  10. Tiled Sandbox -- Am I missing something?

    Hi, I'm getting this also. Any of the surface tools used on the tiled boxes does not automatically wrap around to the opposite side. I hate to flog a dead horse but I'll link to this post I first made in July 2009. I presume that the Surface Sculpting - Tiled Box was Andrew making a start on this idea but it seems abandoned.
  11. Masking Normal Maps

    http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/19525-3d-coat-47-beta-testing-thread/&do=findComment&comment=139854 This issue is still not resolved. I try not to despair but I'm failing sorry.
  12. Tileable texture in Voxel Mode

    I have always thought this, and it's been somewhat frustrating to see the idea neglected considering Andrew sounded really keen on it back in 2009. Anyway here's to hoping that renewed interest will spark creativity in Andrew once again.
  13. 3D-Coat 4.7 (Beta testing thread)

    Thanks for the responses guys. @Carlosan that doesn't work with Imported NormalMaps unfortunately. This is very much linked to an earlier post I made where I was requesting the ability to paint depth in an Opaque manner above an imported Normal Map Layer. Currently it doesn't work. @Javis, yes with Imported NormalMaps the clip masking doesn't work. So you managed to mask a NormalMap layer using a Layer with an RGB Layer? I believe that possibly Andrew needs to have a look at the functionality of using Imported NormalMaps and painting Depth in 3dCoat. Currently they feel a little disconnected. p.s. this has nothing to do with Masking depth painted on a layer in 3DCoat.
  14. 3D-Coat 4.7 (Beta testing thread)

    For me in version 4.7.10 the Normalmap layer does NOT respect Clip Mask Layer options. Has this always been the case or just with this latest version. I've never actually tried to do any Clip Masking on the NormalMap layers before so I have no frame of reference. Too busy at the moment to install and try a different version.
  15. 3D-Coat 4.7 (Beta testing thread)

    Hi Andrew, 2 things. Could you please check your code for Editing All Layers in Ext Editor please. (and other Send functions.) I'm experiencing a bit of a deal breaking bug where Saving the Layers.PSD from Photoshop after editing back to 3DCoat. Once back in 3DC the Layers won't always be in the same order, and sometimes groups will become children of other groups You might need to add the layer blending mode 'Pass Through' to better match what Photoshop has. Currently this is the only blending mode that Photoshop has that 3DCoat doesn't. *Edit1* Just tried again after cleaning up the layer and groups in my scene and sent to Photoshop which gave the error message 'Some groups were found corrupted and repaired.' In the Layers.psd file it has parented a Layer group under another group and also one of the layers has been renamed <end> thanks.