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  1. Hey Styler, for some reason when I updated to the latest 3DCoat version 4.5.38 your script now works. Sorry for any consternation I might've caused I'm on Win7 64Bit
  2. Fantastic Carlosan, thanks for the heads up
  3. Hi Carlosan. 4.5.35 I rolled back to the latest stable release and it's the same.
  4. Thanks for those links ABN. The thing that is confusing in 3DCoat is that it's all over the place. For example in the Popups menu why is there more than one Smart Materials panel. I had no idea Materials turned into Smart Materials at some point and maybe it's the legacy of that which resulted in multiple menu items.I was expecting to press the doppelganger and get an alternative panel which was the OLD Materials tab. When I said 'keep up with the competition' I really meant to keep on top of legacy bugs that continuously creep back into 3DC. For instance the Transform/Copy tool bug that I posted earlier was actually a really old legacy bug that I reported YEARS ago. It was fixed and somehow it's back in. At my previous workplace I didn't have much need for the tool or even to apply a decal or image so I have been getting frustrated with small bugs like this that don't seem to be kept on top of. The QA should be a process from beginning to end of development. Is there an internal testing dept that they have at Pilgway or are we part of that process?
  5. Ah thanks ajz, bit of an obscure one that. Just found another issue with the Transform/Copy tool. Importing a PSD doesn't work at the moment, brings in nothing. I'm also curious as to why you can ONLY bring in PSDs and not just any image file type. Seems like a missed opportunity there.
  6. Sorry mate, I don't see a link. p.s. I'm going to refrain from typing anything more on this subject right now because I am so fed up and MAD with 3DCoat. It's such a hindrance.
  7. On this topic I made a wrong assumption. I guess at some point Materials became Smart Materials, but only one pop-up works. The PBR Smart Materials tab works, but the Smart Materials that allows you to paint through a Material doesn't. Is this known, or a new Bug? What exactly is a Facture? I can't find anything if I do a search on the docs.
  8. I'm trying get get a decent workflow for paintin a skybox in 3Dcoat, so far it's not been a great experience. My latest stumbling block is with bringing in images to aid with compositing. If I drag and drop an image in to the 3DCoat viewport there doesn't seem to be an option for either bringing an image in as a Facture (forgive me but what the heck is a Facture?) or into the Transform/Copy Tool. I have to say 3DCoat is starting to feel very left behind in terms of professional workflow. If I were Andrew I would be a little worried about the competition out there now. I persevere with 3DCoat but I'm quite close to giving up on it altogether if I'm honest. My suggestion would be to incorporate a more comprehensive list if you drag and drop images into 3DC.
  9. ajz3d, my bet is that that would work and could be a reasonable work around for the time being. Still is a bit of a clunky workflow. I consider 3DCoat to be extremely versatile so hope this gets looked into. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I guess not as the bottom texture is very rarely used (hidden under the terrain) It's not particularly ideal though. I've tried tons of workarounds. Would be interesting to hear from Andrew. Cheers for all the help guys. I'm not blocked as I'm hand-painting the skyboxes right now but if I wanted to do any photo-manipulation it will become a hindrance the way it currently is.
  11. Ah no Ma3rk I'm aware of this feature for a long time , I think you may have misunderstood my question but I don't blame you, I do ramble. I'm looking for a method that will allow us to export ALL the different maps that are related to PBR at the same time to a folder with the correct naming conventions. cheers
  12. hey Javis. so you paint your skybox on the surface of a ball (for instance)?
  13. Yes I already have this option. It does not help with the situation; it seems as though backface culling and ignore backfaces are different things. At least maybe Andrew needs to include ALL tools in 3DCoat to respect the existing 'backface culling' option. Thanks though.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, I don't think that'll cut it really. The whole purpose behind this workflow was to be able to work as if I'm actually painting on the skybox as if I were in-game. With all the benefits that 3DCoat brings like importing photographs/textures etc sending to Photoshop and projecting back in 3dCoat. I think it might be something that Andrew could look at in the future. Requested Feature: Global Ignore Backfaces
  15. Like the title suggests, is it possible to bring up the export dialogue box without exporting the objects at the same time? I have been using File > Export Objects and Textures. I know that it's possible to go to Textures > Export > and export the textures individually but preferably I would have the same Export option box as File > Export Objects and Textures just without the Export Objects bit. Thanks