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  1. Hi guys, Apologise about posting in the wrong forum! Thank you for your kind comments. To answer your questions - my other artwork is all 2D, I either paint it all in Photoshop or scan in a pencil drawing and paint over that. Cheers, John
  2. Hi! I just thought I'd post a link to an alien concept that I sculpted and painted using 3DCoat. It's a couple of years old and my PC wasn't great so you can see voxels if you look closely enough! I also uploaded it to the 'Gallery of Finished Works' but it looks to have unfortunately converted the image to a very low quality .jpg so I'm posting the link here in case anyone wants to see details. Cheers, John
  3. From the album John Kearney

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  4. Thanks Marc, I don't prefer Sculptris to ZBrush, it's just that I don't have ZBrush due to the fact we're developing 2D games at the moment which I'm loving! These videos are about pure enjoyment for me so I figured I'd share them in case anyone out there finds them interesting. If I'm honest, I'm not particularly comfortable in any sculpting application right now. My background is mostly in traditional modelling (3DS Max) and 2D (illustration, texturing etc).
  5. Hi Marc, thanks for the heads-up! Should be fixed now I'm in the same boat as you, I generally love the power of voxels and usually stay there for as long as I can. I think it's because I know that details are lost when switching back and forth, which does put me off doing it. In addition, I know it's improved a lot, but 3D Coat still feels a little clunky to me when in polygon mode. I feel there are too many redundant brushes, almost too many options. I think it needs to be a lot more streamlined with a relatively small set of brushes that are finely honed and tuned until they're on a par with the competition (subjective, but for me it still doesn't match ZBrush on that front). It's unfortunate that voxels require a lot more memory and processing power! When you have to start adding a ridiculous amount of detail (film quality) then voxels unfortunately can't keep up.
  6. Hey all, thanks again for watching! I have created yet another video but this time I gave it a shot in Sculptris. Whilst sculpting the beast concept in the following video, I realised how much 3D Coat is currently lacking a good crease brush in voxels. I personally like the freedom that voxels offer so I tend to stay in voxel mode until I'm ready to add detail. Having to switch back and forth from polygons to voxels just to get a decent crease brush seems unnecessary to me - especially because some details are lost with each switch. Anyhow, here's the video for those of you that are interested: Beast Concept Cheers, John
  7. Hi Tony, I do a lot of traditional portraiture but have never really tried it in 3D! I may give it a go one of the days, it'd be interesting Thanks to you and everyone else for the kind comments. All the best, John
  8. Hey all! Didn't realise I'd be creating so many recordings so I'll just update this thread if I have anything new to add! Anyhow, I have recorded a new video and this time it's a lot more relevant to this forum. I had a crack at trying to sculpt a decent head in around an hour and you can see the results here: Apologise in advance for the awful viewport navigation - I hope it doesn't make you feel sick! I'm not yet totally comfortable with 3D Coat so I'm all over the place when trying to choose a good view. As you can tell from the video, I stayed in voxels and used Grow, Airbrush and Cutoff exclusively, mainly because they were all I needed! Thanks for watching - I hope you like it! Cheers, John
  9. Hi all, not sure if any of you are interested but I have uploaded a 60 minute speed-sketch to Vimeo and it'll be the first of many. There's some basic two-point perspective going on and I plan to cover other processes and techniques over the coming months. Anyhow, here's the link: Ruins For a little more information you can also visit the website. Hope you like it!
  10. Hi all, just thought I'd let you know that I have released some personal Photoshop actions which could help you work faster: I hope you find them useful! John
  11. Completely agree! It'd be incredibly useful to have custom cameras. There are many reasons to support cameras, some of which have been listed above but there are plenty of others too. Having accurate control over the viewport can also help a lot when trying to model/sculpt with consistency, precision and accuracy. Certain tools or actions can be repeated if you're doing it from a viewport that is consistent, meaning you're able to preserve part of your pipeline.
  12. Ah, I wrongly assumed that ghosting was just a visual aid! Thanks a lot, I should have tested it so my apologies. However, I would like the option of locking the layer without having to ghost the object. In my case, the object has an interior so ghosting it makes it all quite messy to look at, making adjustments difficult. As for your suggestion re locking the Retopo Groups - I completely agree! In summary, locking is a good thing!
  13. A way to lock a voxel layer so that it can't be selected or modified without unlocking it firstly. When I have a lot of layers, it's very frustrating to use the move tool to quickly adjust proportions when certain objects are accidentally selected/moved. This is one thing that's driving me insane so it'd be great if anyone else has a solution in the meantime!
  14. In the Retopo room, it'd be nice to have the option of changing the transform pivot/gizmo to match any corresponding objects in the Voxels room. Here's the reason; I made a voxel toy character in various body parts and set up all of the transform pivot/gizmos in 3D Coat (to ensure that the limbs/jaw rotated properly). I then used the new Autopo tool on each body part (and it worked great), but the transform pivots have all be reset so I will have to set them up again in my external application of choice. Ideally, it'd be great if 3D Coat would allow me to keep the pivots if I choose, and export them as .objs. Thanks!
  15. I have done my fair share of moaning about the brushes on this very forum but today I take my hat off to you Andrew - you've made some truly astounding leaps over the past week. I feel that the updated brushes will do wonders for 3D Coat. I believe all of my colleagues will view it differently now that it's on a par with the competition in terms of sculpting performance. It feels silky smooth and more importantly, predictable. There are no longer any unexpected lumps and bumps that need to be corrected. I'm honestly blown away by the improvement and think it's the best update to this software for a long time! After testing for a while, I still feel that some default values need to be tweaked but the important thing now is that there's a really solid foundation on which to build. It's no longer a case of changing values to try and avoid inherent problems, but instead changing them for pure artistry. Well done Andrew, I think you've just given 3D Coat a massive boost in the right direction.