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  1. Thanks for the report. Actually not so easy because I have to install Sierra on my iMac to check does 3D-Coat work under it at all.
  2. For example I have managed to reproduce the error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" on my "Windows 10" by creating "Local account" of type "Standard User" and then unchecking checkbox "Read & execute" in "Properties > Security > Edit > Users (MY_PC_NAME\Users)" on file "FServer.exe". Checking "Full control" fixes the problem (can be made from "Administrator" account). The same should be applied to the file "FServer_Service.exe". Please see the attached screenshot.
  3. The error "Windows cannot access the specified device..." means that you should run "FServer" from account with "Administrator" rights. Also you can try to check the rights from current "Standard" account. Right click "C:\3D-Coat-FServer" > Properties > Security > Edit > select your current account > check "Full control" > OK (please see the attached screenshot).
  4. 1. Make sure that under "System Preferences > Users & Groups > Current User" the account type is "Admin". If it is not try to run 3D-Coat as admin. Inside "Terminal" do: $ sudo /Applications/3D-CoatV4-7/ 2. Remove folder "/Applications/3D-CoatV4-7". Remove (or backup) folder "~/3D-CoatV47". Reinstall 3D-Coat from here: 3. Regarding Mac issues please contact me directly "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com". Please send me log file "~/3D-CoatV47/Log.txt".
  5. 3D Mouse behaves under OS X in the same manner as under Windows starting from 3D-Coat 4.7.07 for OS X. Please download it from here:
  6. 1. Instead of “Z” on English keyboard we have “W” on French keyboard therefore Cmd-W will undo the action on French keyboard. Instead of “Z” on English keyboard we have “Y” on German keyboard therefore Cmd-Y will undo the action on German keyboard. This is known problem which should be fixed in time. 2. 3D-mouse should work in the same manner on all platforms. Please try to temporarily rename (or remove) file "~/3D-CoatV47/Options.xml" to reset 3D-mouse settings and please specify more details on "Up/Down and Front/Back are reversed". P.S. Regarding Mac issues please contact me directly "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com".
  7. The problem with "Control" key has been solved in 4.7.05 for OS X. Please download it from here:
  8. Please download the latest 4.7.04 for OS X from here: "Calculate Curvature" and "Calculate Occlusion" work as expected.
  9. Please download 4.7.01 for OS X with fix from here:
  10. This is because OpenGL on your system is using "Mesa" graphics driver provided by "VMware, Inc.". Is this virtual machine? 3D-Coat only supports proprietary graphics drivers. For example here is described how to install NVIDIA proprietary driver:
  11. I have checked 3D-Coat 4.5.35 (64-bit and 32-bit) under clean install of Windows Vista 64-bit and 32-bit. Both install and work.
  12. The compatibility with Windows Vista was temporarily broken in 3D-Coat builds from "4.5.26" to "4.5.33" (tested on 32-bit builds). But the next 3D-Coat build (after "4.5.33") will be compatible with Windows Vista again.
  13. Starting from 3D-Coat 4.5.28 for OS X the key "CFBundleShortVersionString" inside "" is set to correct version.
  14. We'll consider this in future builds of 3D-Coat for OS X.
  15. “Smudge Tool” will work in the nearest build 4.5.22 for OS X.