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  1. The document regarding Linux shortcut creation has been updated with screenshots from Ubuntu 14.04: To solve the problem with hyphens the PDF-document has been exported in Office for Mac instead of Google Drive.
  2. Starting from version 3.7.18A the “Retopo” mode should weld vertices by tablet.
  3. Please note that the document “How to install CUDA under Linux” states that you should remove the driver only in outdated Linux distros, like Ubuntu 9.04, CentOS 5.5, Fedora 14. In those Linux distros there is no other way to install new driver. The latest Ubuntu’s default driver supports CUDA out of the box.
  4. Hello, Pixo! Move the vertex closer to the other one (please see the attached screenshots). To be merged the vertices should be closer. This is the same behaviour like in Windows version of 3D-Coat.