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  1. Garagarape, Hello... Thank you. Yes, the bend at the elbow is "funky" as it is a full first draft of the animation for review. That clearly annoyed me also, but I will have to go back into the rig setup to try to clear up that deformation, that shows up when he gets down.
  2. Yes. I really enjoy the hand drawn aspect, so I tweak the shaders as much as it allows and use Lightwave's native line rendering. I have periodically used UnRealExtreme2 Beta4, but sometimes the whole process gets unstable. I also rendered out in Blender Freestyle build. Nice creative line quality, but pushing out the assets from Lightwave scenes is a pain. I am not yet ready to do all of the scene layout, surfacing and rigging in Blender, but the Freestyle build has nice potential. 3DCoat is wonderful for painting and sculpting aspects.
  3. This is a work in progress, NPR style rendering. I am including a still from midway through and a link to a short MP4 video. First full draft, will review and tweak. Comments are always welcome. Started the bulldog in Lightwave, finished, UV and first color in modo, finished painting in 3DCoat, back to Lightwave for rigging and animation. I am posting it here for those who don't "travel" but it is also on the other forums since multiple apps are always involved in this kind of work. Paul Bulldog wip movie..
  4. Another vote and thank you for the development efforts going into AppLink. Now that Lightwave 10 is being released and modo 501 is out, these are the two AppLinks that I would welcome. Can 3DC link to and respect the folders of existing texture images, and create new ones in the same folder as needed?? Thank you again. Paul