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  1. From the album MRDRCHAIN

  2. From the album MRDRCHAIN

  3. Check out the "Auto Retopo with guide strokes" video on Andrew's twitter: Video
  4. Really looking forward to this quadrangulation improvement! Sounds awesome
  5. Thank you for your comments! You can watch more stuff here: http://www.ondrejsvadlena.com You'll find pictures from the pre-production and modeling stages in the "making of" section, older films, going as far back as the late nineties, and other information. Cheers, Ondrej
  6. Congratulations Andrew!! Best wishes to you and your family!
  7. Great news! Looking forward to play around with 3DC again.
  8. Multithreading in 3DC is definitely a priority for me (where applicable, of course - just take Maya, for example, and what percentage of it's functions are multithreaded. Not much - and the Maya users have been begging for this for years) I've spent hours (well probably days, in total) waiting for the quadrangulation process on a 30+ vox layers 40 million poly sculpt and wished it used all four cores on my machine. It was also quite frustrating to find out that Maya was only able to load some of the outputted OBJ's because half the time they had corrupt geometry.
  9. Hi everyone! here's an extract from the film: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=103427888 and here for the french speaking community: http://www.formatcourt.com/2010/03/m-comme-mrdrchain/
  10. Thank you all for those warm comments! A couple of days ago, I came back from France where my film "MRDRCHAIN" has won the Canal+ award at the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand. For those living in the Paris area, there will be a screening of the film at the "Forum des Images" this weekend: http://www.forumdesimages.fr/fdi/Festivals-Evenements/Festival-du-court-metrage-de-Clermont-Ferrand-2010/Reprise-du-palmares-de-la-competition-Labo Cheers Ondrej
  11. I'd love to come to Queensland! Here's my distributors website where there should be info about future releases of my film: www.autourdeminuit.com
  12. Thank you . I started the first concept drawings in the summer of 2007 and began to model around October of that year. So roughly 2,5 years production time with many interruptions for commercial "pay the rent" jobs. The animation part took me about 6 months. Render times ranged from 5 to 30 minutes per frame (full HD) - depending on scene, settings and whether DOF was enabled or not... x 13500 frames. Man-hours? Man-year! I began modeling in Maya, creating the characters that would be animated and the hard-edge architectural scenery first. After that, I began to search for a voxel-based sculpting software to model the more complex and organic shapes needed for the film. First I was pretty desperate cause I could not find any alternatives to ClayTools but after some time I stumbled upon a french forum where someone wrote that there would be voxels in the next 3DCoat version - and that was a blessing. As soon as the first V3 alpha appeared I started using it right away for production purposes. The film will be premiered at the Clermont-Ferrand film festival. Maybe you live in the same area? Cheers, Ondrej
  13. Hello everybody, just finished my new short film - here's a couple of stills: A huge thanks to Andrew and all those that contributed into making 3DCoatV3, the voxel sculpting and quadrangulation saved me a lot of time and made things possible that I would probably have never achieved with any other software!
  14. Ja, da scheint was nicht zu stimmen... Bei mir wird es ziemlich lahm erst wenn das modell cca 16 millionen polys erreicht (Ich hab einen quad 6600, 8GB ram, NVidia 9800GTX+ 1GB vram, XP64bit (noch vor kurzem 4GB ram und NVidia QuadroFX 3450 256MB vram)). Du koenntest in der "support" section des forums deinen problem beschreiben. Falls es fuer dich schwierig wird das auf englisch zu befassen dann schicke mir den text auf deutsch und ich uebersetze es.