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  1. I can't help as I'm on ubuntu 11.04(I followed the instructions,downloading and installing cuda 3 if I remember well). I answer you mainly because,as I spent some time in installing the cuda version,it doesn't worth. I use it(as I installed the cuda library)but practically there isn't any difference between cuda and not cuda version(I have a 560 gtx ti),maybe with better/newer cards there are some advantages,but with such a card it's practically the same.
  2. I want to see better how much control you can have on the fiber(clumping,parting,and so on),it seems brushes can help a lot here. I think made it well it's a really useful feature for concept art,but also for previz the character you are doing better(and also for pure illustration/still of course). Zbrush is much more than a sculpting application,it's an application made to do visual art with it,Pixologic has been skilled to improve and promote the program also as a great sculpting application but when they started I think the major interest was to promote their pixols 2.5 engine,funny to think that now nobody(or really few people) use it.
  3. Thanks BeatKitano,when it will be(or if it will be) public I'll give it a try.
  4. BeatKitano,I'm really curios about this new challenger,there are more informations about it(a web site,or a beta testing program)?
  5. Not really. To be honest I liked more the first betas(when Andrew started the work for voxel sculpting),with more features the program becomed slower and less smooth to work with. For me it didn't help at all the discussion about better brushes in voxel mode(now we have a lot of brush stuff,but it's really useful? I don't think much) Sometime less is more.
  6. I agree with you,and Dynamesh is an useful tool,but more if you don't want to use an external program to start the work.
  7. Michalis, I'm not saying WE can't influence developement,but everybody, as a Whole unity. I'm not against nobody here, but I have my workflow, you probably have your,someone else another one, we are not equals,so development should find general solution to problems,not what a guy likes.
  8. To be honest I really don't like the idea that some users can influence the development and others can't. Every guy with a licence has the right to say his point of view aboout the program,what it works,what it doesn't work.
  9. Not sure you are right 3dioot. Sculptris is cool but it's not completely true that you don't have problems with limbs. Sometimes ago I was sketching an hybrid(humonoid/insect)and I had a lot of problems trying to do the righ angles in the insect limbs,the way it works adaptive tessellation makes it really hard to do some kind of angles(it's feasible but not easier). From this point of view 3dcoat is simply superior(I mean voxels,you have full control of shapes,the only limitation is resolution). From what I'm seeing now(finally I had updated to zbrush r2) dynamesh makes easier starting sculpting from scratch(it's really cool if you want to use only one program as you don't have to spend time jumping from one program to another)
  10. Not tried yet(I'm waiting for the email) but it seems dynamesh it's not as revolutionary as it could be. The remeshing and reproject workflow is allready possible in zbrush,it's a thing I use for sketching a lot(you stretch the polygons and after remesh and reproject). It's a step in the right direction,but I agree that sometimes the Pixologic's Videos can be a bit misleading.
  11. Uhm,the old forum was great,I liked the colors. This new forum is a bit cold,it will take time before I'm used to it.
  12. Even if I like very much 3dcoat and voxel sculpt(I'm trying now zbrush 3.5 and I find that voxel is giving yet more freedom in sculpting than the new zsphere) I don't understand this war flame. Every programs has it's own strength and weak points,they can be used both. So why this aggressiveness?
  13. great sculpt Really good sense of proportions.
  14. ZSphere 2 seem to have a great advantage over voxel sculpting,a not destructive approach. Even if I really like voxel sculpting,posing a mesh is hard,and you can't do mistakes,you can't jump back and forward between poses.
  15. Of course at some point we have to increase resolution!