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  1. Nice!
  2. 3D-coat really needs a better brush collection system with a possibility to modify and save ALL the parameters linked to a brush. Actually I ALWAYS need to reselect the right brush pressure preset ( make a preset just for this is not a good idea ) and sometimes, I forget I'm not on the right one and start to paint with wrong settings. The actual Brushes images must be included in a real complete Brush Preset panel ( with Options and pressure settings ) with the possibility to name each preset, preview the resulting brush, and ordering them into folders. Some cleaning need to be done in the Options settings too, since some parameters are useless or outdated.
  3. I want that too!!
  4. Ok, the 4M resolves the thing... I had lowered the mesh resolution because i thought i don't need so much poly since it's a low poly work and i want to see precise uv on tri . Why this choice?
  5. I've uploaded a video here Jagged edges
  6. ok. I can't find how to change texture resolution to have better result. I have tried : - View > Uv-sets manager - Edit > Change mesh and texture resolution My texture is 2048*2048. It's the same in the two panels above. Nothing to change. So, for me it's still a bug. Plus, when i'm using colorpicker or brush on the mesh, the interpolated pixels under move crazily. It's obvious there is something with the texture rendering here. I'm on a computer equipped by a geforce quadro with last drivers and i've tried both openGL and directX exe > same results. Or maybe there is a fancy option to activate somewhere?
  7. Thx akira. I'm on win XP sp3. I will give it a try.
  8. ok the bug i mentioned is typically what we have here So it's related to texture resolution.... But, i don't understand why the resolution isn't good with default parameters. If we have to tweak this every time we load a mesh, this is not nice
  9. I don't use anything specific in bodypaint. I open my mesh in maya and then i switch to bodypaint thanks to the plugin. Then i deactivate all the fancy stuffs like lighting, to have better perception of colors. It's a low poly mesh on the screencap; around 1800 tri. In 3D coat, i'm using the default options. There is anything to do to have better rendering? If so, it's weird
  10. I have updated the original post.
  11. I create one topic for all my suggestions since it's more easy to follow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- || BUGS || || FEATURES || - Ability to close each opened window with a click on a cross button - A single window for brushes parameters, and an other one for presets. Actually we have some parameters on the top and some on the right, and presets we cannot change on the left. A bit too complicated. - Having Cursor image changing when we activate the color picker ( to understand we are using it ). - Separate, into the menu bar on the top, things related to the 3D view rendering and things about windows hiding/showing. - Possibility to switch between linear interpolation and no interpolation for texture. ( Like in the pic above ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free, any of you, to comment any of my lines, please. I want to know what people think.
  12. Yep but, it seems, since i choose one time any preset, i can't play with pressure on the top anymore.
  13. I've just tested the implementation of the separate pressure options, and i think there is some bug : The presets on the top left seem to be independent and having priority on the new buttons I think you need to reorganize the painting tools and options.
  14. wow! well done ! If you are interested by some thought about the painting engine, just tell me; it would be my pleasure to help you on the process since 3D coat is a sort of messiah for me in this area