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  1. Andrew, been a while since last Mac beta update (compared to Windows), any chance us Mac customers will see something beyond .16 in the near future? ;D
  2. The ergonomics are no worse than actual painting, if you think about it. Holding up a paintbrush while painting onto an easel can also get tiring.
  3. Sorry, I searched for LeapMotion but the search didn't return any results, anyway I'll continue in the other thread.
  4. Yeah, I'm interested in this also, as I've got my shiny new Leap as well.
  5. Now that LeapMotion is out, and the SDK available for dev/test, I was wondering when/if we might see support for the LeapMotion device in 3DCoat? It seems perfectly suited to sculpting and painting given its 3D work field, and ability to sense both PSR & angle of fingers/tools in use. I even looked briefly at the SDK, and was quite impressed how well thought-out it seemed to be, designed for easy integration into 3D apps of all kinds. Thanks! -John
  6. Andrew, congrats and thanks (as always) for all the amazing work and effort you and the team put into v4, and 3DC in general. I purchased my upgrade the instant I saw v4 was available without hesitation (just as with v3)! If anything, the pricing almost seems low for everything added, thank you for keeping such an excellent tool so affordable.
  7. So, at least at time of V4 release, there is currently no intention of supporting either OpenCL or CUDA on Mac in 3DCoat yet? Oh well. Is 3DCoat Mac GPGPU-acceleration at least something planned to be addressed at some point during the V4 version cycle for Mac?
  8. Aye, same here, without question or hesitation.
  9. Thanks much, Andrew!!
  10. Actually I kind of like the approach AbnRanger is proposing: Call v3.7.whatever (pick a stable subrev, .18 or whatever) the "final v3" and then treat everything afterwards as various pre-releases of v4. It avoids the "two live branches" problem, and realistically, calling v3.7 "the end" for v3 is still eminently fair in terms of everything that's been added in v3 since initial release. BTW, any word on when .18 for Mac will show? If it's already been stated, my apologies, missed it.
  11. Andrew & co, Any word on whether Mac users can look forward to OpenCL/CUDA support for v4? Lack of GPU "acceleration" is the one remaining area where Mac is solidly behind Win & Linux in 3DC, and it'd sure be nice to see that addressed. Thanks!
  12. Many thanks for the info, Andrew!
  13. Any sort of ETA on when we can expect an update for Mac? Been quite some time since Mac was two versions behind Win (and given problems with 25C on Mac, really more like three behind), starting to get a little bit concerned.
  14. Any idea how much longer we'll be waiting for the OSX version of 3.5.25?
  15. Posted this over in the regular update thread as well, but figured I'd ask here in case Mac folks are reading this instead of the other thread: Ever since the first 64-bit beta, I've been having a problem with 3DC. It gets into this state as if the alt key is constantly held down (and yes, I've checked sticky keys, and other prefs that might cause similar effect). It doesn't always happen right away, but once it gets into this state, I can't figure out any way to get it back out again. Clicking with alt held, etc. doesn't fix it. Once in this state, I can't draw, etc. because mouse-dn dragging just rotates the view, and so forth. Has anyone else run across this problem? If so, any workarounds? It seems "new" to 64-bit 3DC, but as I've been messing around with peripherals it could as easily be an incompatibility.