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  1. Silo is a really nice app no doubt. In it's current state it is arguably one of the best dedicated modeling programs available. Of course there are other options, some with more features and some are even "free". No other software has the same feel or "zen" but atleast most of the alternatives are being improved upon still. The lack of development and consistant price drops suggest to me that the developers are more interested in cashing out and not fixing the little issues that still exist with there product. I've had a license for a few years now (paid over $150) and I used to use it daily but have since moved to clunkier but more feature ritch alternatives because of a few bugs and missing features that make it difficult to use it in my daily workflow. If you already have a dcc with reasonably capable modeling tools or you can learn blender I wouldn't recommend purchusing silo untile they put some effort into polishing it a bit more. Not saying it's not good at what it does as it is now just that in my opinion it looks like a dead parrot.
  2. was it this?
  3. 3DCoat was the only sculpting app I could really wrap my head around when I first started venturing into sculpting as well. I do still sometimes prefer good old fashioned polygon modeling depending on what I'm trying to achieve but 3DCoat is a lot more fun, it's more like playing and less like solving a puzzle. Like the others have said it's a deep tool making it very diverse and useful. It's also very actively being developed and improved. It's probably the best money I've spent on any software really.
  4. Well to be honest AbnRanger did compare all of us on the opposing side of the argument against violent video games and movies to crack heads at one point.
  5. Trust me highly valid points among Tea-Party members sound pretty ridiculous to some people in Texas as well. America is very polarized within itself on many issues so please don't lump us all together with the Tea-Party.
  6. To cite a source on this topic that I heard last night on my way home from work on NPR, the number of victims of mass murder has stayed the same for several years now. Yes the venues have become more shocking but the overall number of victims hasn't changed. Unless you can show me hard numbers to back up the claim that violent fiction is the cause of so many mentaly unstable individuals ploting and performing these horrible acts I just can't accept the presumed corilation. I think we need to be pointing the finger at mental illness and environmental factors like abusive parents and exposure to real world horrors.
  7. I would argue that people who become indifferent to the point of commiting a horrible act of violence have deeper issues then having been exposed to a violent movie or video game. I grew up watching slasher films and I still cringe everytime I watch them to this day. I don't watch them because I think it's fun to watch people get hurt I watch them because I like being scared and I realize it's fictional. It's like sky diving or riding a roller coaster, it simulates the flight or fight response. People who do watch these kinds of movies and get there jollies when the bad guy wins are comming to the table with existing problems. I can see how some people might draw a connection between sensationalized fiction like violent video games and movies and Murderes who commit sensationalized killings but I think we also need to account for the radically different mental state most of these killers would need to be in to see such a plot through to it's end.
  8. I think much of what we precieve as a "rash" of new incidences of mass killings is a product of our society becoming more and more interconnected. As technology has allowed us to be more aware of everyday events accross the globe we have more and more been exposed to things that before we might have never have known about. Thousands of single victim killings happen every year but we often don't hear about them unless a celibrity is involved or it happens in our backyard. Someone who is prone violent behaviour is not going to be more or less prone to that behaviour if he or she is exposed to violent media, it may even serve as an outlet for those urges. Engaging in actual violence is a bit differnent then engaging in fatasy violence and it takes a significant leap to cross over that threshold.
  9. In my opinion Lightwave is going to be the best bang for your buck. C4D has some great features but there is a bit of a cost gap between it and Lightwave. You can get a more rounded out solution much more affordability with Lightwave and upgrades are more affordable as well. Have you considered Houdini? If you just need to model, animate and composite you can do all this with the cheaper basic version, there's just the learning curve to deal with.
  10. I think this product is intended as a scrubbing controler for audio and video editing with some extra buttons, not really the same as a 3d mouse like the spacenavigator though it does look similiar astheticly.
  11. Last update: Just a few tweaks to the textures, nothing major...
  12. Yeah I didn't catch that until I was ready to submit my files... Guess I have some time to go back and refine the textures a bit
  13. I apologize for the last minute updates, I've been rushing through this in my spare time just to get it finished up. This is what I ended up with before I started the retopo and bake down phase... Polycount at this point was a little ridiculous, couldn't even get it to bake down without out of memory errors. Luckily the decimation tools in surface mode helped me get things down to a much more reasonable memory footprint. I did run into an issue with one of the volumes not baking down but I just tossed it and went a different direction which resulted in this... Now onto the retopo... I decided to overlap the uv's for the gloves and boots to squeeze more space out of the map for detail... This is what the base maps looked like after the final bake down... I didn't bother saving out the texture painting process iteratively but this is where I stopped once I felt like I absolutely had to move to posing the character to wrap things up... I used the autorig tool in Messiah to quickly set up a rig for posing... I didn't have time to model my own sword and sheild but I did take a few minutes to slap some wear and tear on the provided props to better match the character. The final render was done 3dcoat and very slightly edited in PS... Good times!
  14. I've actually had quite a few successfull transactions on Ebay over the years. Admitidlly I have had a few bad ones along the way but mostly with dead beat buyers who never pay or communicate. I bought and sold most of my music gear on ebay back in the day. There are a lot of obvious scams on ebay though, especially in the software section so it's important to ask questions and stick with reputable looking sellers. I recently picked up a used copy of Aftereffects CS4 with a full license transfer through adobe and everything went smooth. I had to do a lot of back and forth communication to make sure the seller knew what was necessary to transfer the ownership properly but I made sure there was no confussion about what I expected when I made payment. There are deals to be had if your cautious.
  15. Thanks, the goal is to keep the poly count within the confines of the contest guidlines but I have no idea yet, will have to see how things go in the retopo stage. I wanted to do custom weapons but I don't know if it's going to happen for the contest deadline, priority right now is to finish the character, if I have time I have some ideas for an apropriate sheild and sword.