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  1. Am I missing something here? I am using V2.10.10, and I don't see any tree generator. Am I not looking in the right place? Thanks.
  2. Great! Thank you. I had some questions about this V2.10.10, but I was afraid that it wouldn't matter because of V3. I'll get the screenshots and post my questions. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm just curious, but is there still development on version 2, or is all the effort going into version 3 now?
  4. Thank you very much. I will definitely check it out!
  5. Cool, So if I imported say "The Freak" by Daz3d, and textured him in here, I could get a seamless UV texture for him. I hope I got this right. Thank you very much.
  6. Hi. I just found out about 3D Coat today. I was wondering. I was looking through the videos and features, and I didn't see anything that showed if you can paint on the model over seams so you can't see the seams. Is this possible with 3D Coat? Thank you.