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  1. "SELECT/MOVE tool in the Tweak Room doesn't work" Confirmed
  2. Doesn't seem like you can sculpt on it though
  3. There have been many times when i wished 3dcoat would have some sort of poly modeling capabilities.This would make coat so much more powerful. Ive also been using Keyshot for rendering, a Keyshot link would be nice.
  4. I was expecting this too...
  5. Thank you Garagarape. I sculpted this in about a day because I thought it would be a good subject to test voxel paint with.Didn't spend to much time detailing it. I did take it into Zbrush for detailing a while back but have moved on to other sculpts.When I finish detailing it I will post the final version. I actually have a pirate sculpt that I'm working on, when he's done I will merge the parrot in with him.Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I got a kick out of this vid.-Forms In The Misty Voxels
  7. One of the things I like best about 3D-Coat is the ability to express our feelings or our thoughts quickly.Sometimes we artists get caught up in meticulous details and strive for technical perfection,which is fine, but other times it's nice just to express ourselves with quick sketches. Imagination has no limits
  8. practice practice practice
  9. Thank you. maybe too much noise on beak toned down version
  10. Dear,Deer...
  11. Should have put these under the same topic.....oh well I need to work on shaders
  12. Practice test 2
  13. Testing new voxel color feature Would like to see cavity and specular painting
  14. You caught that one, it is the depth shaders causing the problem. Ever since installing windows 7 I can't use DX version, I get 0x000007b error