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  1. Apart from the 2D rendering style and work-plane isn't it possible to achieve the same work flow in 3d coat right now? Sir Andrew, given the huge interesting in 3d coat by concept artists, do these workflows heavily interest you? It's these kind of quick workflow ideas that will make 2d concepting of 3d objects redundant. Though I think there's room for improving... like rather then having to always move the workplane to accurately place drawn lines, there should be a workplane mode that constrains/locks to the view 45 offset (I assume this will be the angle people will typically aim to achieve for when best judging and drawing there object in relatively to other objects?) this should allow for a much quicker workflow yet still keel the accuracy? Just imagine if Andrew and this dude collaborated!!
  2. I'm able to run this on my windows tablet that only has an intel hd 4000.. and it's easily paintable, even though it say's it won't run, it does.
  3. Very impressive design choices, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff across the internet.
  4. Clipstudio, pretty much can't be beat for linear painting and design line work. But it's brush system, has some major limitations when it comes to some creative painting styles. For example one major gripe I have when trying to do clean values is that, when I have the options, "Mix Brush Tips with Darkeness" on, if you try to make your brush soft, you'll get gaps between every step. Paintstorms is beastly in the small areas were Clipstudio/Manga Studios is weak, why not use both. It's important to note Paintstorm was created by a good artist and from the moment you change your brush size, you'll understand the major difference of when a artist creates his own software. Do yourself a favor and at the very least watch the trailer.
  5. 1. I imagine a world where I could just click drag and my selection area would scale to a normal threshold. Allowing light speed selections of planes and areas 2. Then even, being able to create a spline based on the selection's shape!. Which would allowing for lighting speed refinements and further quality with in time constraints. 3. I know I'm pushing it now with this idea but, I'd also love the ability to slide and scale said created spline then over the surface or even onto another surface either by duplicating it or just moving it. Amen. (3ds max also has a popular similar selection feature, based on the normals)
  6. Holy moly Andrew, editable curves strokes is a touch of genius, great job on the implementation with the graphs editor toO. If your looking to still push this already great working tool to perfection, I have a couple of ideas I think would work wonders:- 1) It'd be nice to be able to quickly hash out new curves with a freehand drawing curve or mode that sets up the same editable bezier options. 2) a) Being able to actually select and adjust/move the current size indicating circles around each bezier vertex to adjust the size, I feel would be more intuitive and allow much faster modifications. Have a smaller fainter adjustable red circle, that allows quick refinements of the pressure. Regardless, this tool is beyond brilliant! Thanks
  7. It's evident that the applink support falls short in many instances for example 3dsmax 2013 has been out for the last six months and has no support also other have issues of it not working at all with their software. As a touted feature, it;s very disappointing to find that applinks do not work after all for you. I think it would be beneficial if 3dcoat supported the FBX format a little better, to the degree that texture maps would appear in their relevant slots when opened in 3dcoat. Personally I use mudbox over 3dcoat painting because, I'm not willing to set up all my shaders again, each time. Thanks I'm aware of the 3dsmax 2013 update link, in the back of said app thread, but like many it does not work for me.
  8. I've notice that these micro polygons that can frequently appear after sculpting a complex voxels object, can cause some serious stabilty issues and normally lead to crashes when performing certain operations. And of course, micro polys do causes alot of prolems along exporting workflows. I'd like a easy way to clear these unwanted polygons. A method of isolate the meshes objects on a layer, I'd like to keep, while clearing everything else would be wonderful Thanks, hope this gets scene by the right people
  9. Ok, found the brush options >.<
  10. Is there an option to always align me brush alpha with the direction of my stroke. So for example If I had a arrow as an alpha and painted a wavey stroke the arrow would always point in th direction of the line? Also how do you increase the steps of a brush stroke so that say a dotted alpha becomes lines? - becauase the next alpha apllied is so close. thanks
  11. Ok, this is a really different idea. The idea is all based on the large differences in performance, development and enthusiasm of an individual who works alone compared to one who works in a group. I just think it'd be pretty amazing if people could look at each others streamed 3dcoat sculpts and comment in realtime or ask questions. (It's just like when you go to the gym with someone you end up pushing yourself way harder and the whole experience ends up being a lot more fun and you end up going a lot more... and at the end of it is a more powerful you.) I know the likely hood of this idea being taken forward are slim, as it's not a tool in it's literal form, but I wanted to know if others could see them selfs using such a feature? Just wanted to point out that I know there are streaming software out there and that people could pretty much do what I'm suggesting anyway, but without the information nicely organized in one place,(eg. who's online) it'll never happen. 3dcoatTV!
  12. Not really, shadow box is base around cutting clean silhouette shapes. Closest thing in 3d coat is the sketch tool and difference is the work flows. Another cool thing I saw, which it wouldn't surprise me if it's already been posted before, is Ilovesketch, it really shows how job rolls will change, and more control will be given to the creators and designers:
  13. After looking at that Sensible video again, I just realized that's where Zbrush got it's shadow box idea. Ryan Kingsly, has mentioned that the next version of ZB really furthers in the process of hard modeling techniques. Wouldn't be surprised if he was talking about shadowbox being more capable like Sensible.
  14. I added I new feature topic that I think would really help with creating shapes for hard-surface modeling: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8611