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  1. Apart from the 2D rendering style and work-plane isn't it possible to achieve the same work flow in 3d coat right now? Sir Andrew, given the huge interesting in 3d coat by concept artists, do these workflows heavily interest you? It's these kind of quick workflow ideas that will make 2d concepting of 3d objects redundant. Though I think there's room for improving... like rather then having to always move the workplane to accurately place drawn lines, there should be a workplane mode that constrains/locks to the view 45 offset (I assume this will be the angle people will typically aim to achieve for when best judging and drawing there object in relatively to other objects?) this should allow for a much quicker workflow yet still keel the accuracy? Just imagine if Andrew and this dude collaborated!!
  2. I'm able to run this on my windows tablet that only has an intel hd 4000.. and it's easily paintable, even though it say's it won't run, it does.
  3. Clipstudio, pretty much can't be beat for linear painting and design line work. But it's brush system, has some major limitations when it comes to some creative painting styles. For example one major gripe I have when trying to do clean values is that, when I have the options, "Mix Brush Tips with Darkeness" on, if you try to make your brush soft, you'll get gaps between every step. Paintstorms is beastly in the small areas were Clipstudio/Manga Studios is weak, why not use both. It's important to note Paintstorm was created by a good artist and from the moment you change your brush size, you'll understand the major difference of when a artist creates his own software. Do yourself a favor and at the very least watch the trailer.
  4. Tser not sure where your getting your info but on the link given it clearly says the programe is also available for:- Brazil Mexico Czech Republic France Italy Germany Poland Portugal Spain United Kingdom And who is to say you can't just renew your FREE license? I feel like I could use the phrase "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" But I have never understood that saying. Do horses bite or something is that what it means?
  5. When I create a human head, my friends, who don't do art, know when it doesn't look right, becuase they know what a human looks like. Anyone with eyes knows what a human should look like. That doesn't mean they know how to go about making one. The programs brushes feel silky. The navigation on the right mouse button is nice for the stylus, but not having a hot key to zoom in/out feels like a feature missing. I've only found I can zoom on/out using the mouse scroll which is odd since people will be using stylus's. I have great hope for the progra, if not for the single reason that the legend Taron is using it and his feed back seems to be taken into account.
  6. How you apply it is up to you. It's generally exported and used as a layer in photoshop over textures to popout details. I cavity map may look roughly like a displacement and you may get away with using a modifeid displacment map as a cavity map. But using a cavity map as a displacement map would yeald unholy ugly results :P Displacements simply take the dark/light values from a bipmap to calculate a surfaces details Ye, I check the video. You can see that he's only effecting the cavities of the geometry, take another gander.
  7. Well, universally cavity tools mask off areas so that only the cavtiy areas are effected. So I asume cavity maps allow the user to paint while only effecting the cavity areas - the areas that dip-in.
  8. 0 Polygons?! I gotta do my research on these voxels things.....
  9. It's pretty self explanatory. If you don't know what a cavity is you should use a online dictionary or google it. Personally I think everyone should google everything. It's even in the video section:- http://www.3dcoat.com/features.html Please take some initiative in future. I'm pretty sure this dudes a busy man.