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  1. vox hide and vox split, what's happening?

    Thanks guys! As I mentioned, I found the option to control split overlap, however I still wonder if it's possible to control edge smoothness of Vox Hide
  2. vox hide and vox split, what's happening?

    Yup. In fact, I don't think Border Width affects anything (left: 90, right: 0)
  3. vox hide and vox split, what's happening?

    ah ok I found an option to control Split overlap. However question about Vox Hide remains
  4. Hey everyone, could anyone please tell me if it's possible to control the amount of overlapping for vox split tool and/or smooth for vox hide? I just want two pieces with no overlaps and seams. Both tools create bizarre result :/ Thanks!
  5. Может мне стоило где-то в другом месте спросить?
  6. Здравствуйте! Скажите пожалуйста, я правильно понимаю, что для стран СНГ специальной цены для апгрейда с educational до professional нет? И апгрейд до полной будет стоить столько же, сколько новая полная версия для стран СНГ (280$)?
  7. Brutal brush lag

    Another workaround is subdividing lowpoly without smoothing, I'm getting up to x3 fps boost on hipoly versions of lowpoly geometry. But I agree, this should be fixed!
  8. Brutal brush lag

    2048, as Geexile mentioned (I'm using educational version and can't test higher res)
  9. Brutal brush lag

    Ops, that was recorded in 4.5.16. I tried 4.5.17, it seems that painting on both hipoly spheres works with the same speed, but lowpoly is still laggy: fps indicator shows 25fps for both hipoly spheres and 17 for lowpoly
  10. Brutal brush lag

    I noticed too that sometimes painting on simple objects is very laggy. I'm on OSX, GeForce GT 750M 2048MB. Here's a video: I imported 3 spheres, first is lowpoly with one shell, second is hipoly with one shell and third is hipoly with separated shells. Painting on the third is the fastest/less laggy! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/415738/slowdown.mp4 Interesting, why is it so and is it possible to fix this?
  11. Got a message from Andrew, this will be fixed in future build, thanks
  12. Here's a video , in first 15 seconds I use 4.5.16 and it freezes when I move camera inside the structure, in last 15 seconds I do the same in 4.5.06 and everything is fine https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/415738/coat.mp4 and scene from video is attached Do I need create a bug on Mantis or write to support? scene.fbx.zip
  13. Hi everyone, I'm working on a simple model, my usual workflow includes detail pass in Photoshop via projection painting. When I send to PS wide shot of the scene (yep.jpg) everything works fine , but if I move camera closely to the object (nope.jpg), 4.5.16 freezes. 4.5.06 works fine i both instances. Scene is attached. I'm on OSX. Is there a problem with my object or what's going on there? Thanks broken.3b.zip
  14. New brush stroke intersection mode should be optional

    Why wont you use Airbrush tool instead of Brush tool? It gradually gains thickness instead of painting by layers (like Brush tool) I personally think brush tool was broken in 4.1 and works properly in 4.5
  15. Hey, 1) I hide some polygons with Hide Poly Tool 2) I unhide painting object 3) My hidden polygons become visible too Is this a bug or intentional behaviour?