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  1. Может мне стоило где-то в другом месте спросить?
  2. Здравствуйте! Скажите пожалуйста, я правильно понимаю, что для стран СНГ специальной цены для апгрейда с educational до professional нет? И апгрейд до полной будет стоить столько же, сколько новая полная версия для стран СНГ (280$)?
  3. Why wont you use Airbrush tool instead of Brush tool? It gradually gains thickness instead of painting by layers (like Brush tool) I personally think brush tool was broken in 4.1 and works properly in 4.5
  4. Hey, 1) I hide some polygons with Hide Poly Tool 2) I unhide painting object 3) My hidden polygons become visible too Is this a bug or intentional behaviour?
  5. Is this a bug or did this option went somewhere else?
  6. Hey everyone, I'm pretty sure I've seen options for size of projection for external editing (100% 200% 400% etc) in Edit menu, but I can't find them anymore (I'm on 4.5.14 Mac version). Am I looking in a wrong place or am I delusional and this option was in a different software? Thanks! * Edit Oh, the option has indeed disappeared from Edit menu, I found it on old video: Where is it now?
  7. How much time does it take usually to make/upload Mac build? I'm eager to try 07
  8. Amazing, thanks!
  9. I think projection painting is broken in 4.5.06 (probably due projection leaking bug I was writing about some time ago). Here's a video: first 30 sec are from 4.5.03 and last are from 4.5.06 And here's a screenshot: in 4.5.06 I have tears along edges and weird pattern-like color on top:
  10. oh, on Mac it's in the /Users/*username*/3D-CoatV45/
  11. Hi everyone, that was probably discussed but I had no luck finding anything on transferring/migrating settings on the forum. I just updated to 4.5.06 from 4.5.03 and all my preferences/brush presets/interface were reseted to defaults. What's the proper way to migrate the settings to new version? Thanks
  12. Thanks, PolyHertz! I had no idea about this menu, it's super amazing! I ended up setting MMB+drag for opacity since I use similar to Maya navigation and don't use MMB on its own.
  13. Hi everyone, Can you please tell me if there's a way to change the opacity the same way size/depth is adjusted. Maybe it's possible to switch depth (RMB + vertical drag) with opacity? There's a Alt+mouse wheel hotkey in preferences, but I'm using tablet and therefore I don't have mouse wheel. Thanks!
  14. I guess small things like that are always put off in the very end of development! Thanks for clearing this up
  15. Hi again I'm pretty sure that in 4.5 Beta Freeze tool in Single Polygon mode was freezing a single clicked polygon. But after update it keeps work like brush withith locked polygon. The tooltip says that it should paint up to the borders while LMB is held, but for me it works that way all the time no matter if I click or drag