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  1. Alpha problem

    Hello there, I'm having a problem with alphas on macOS and version 4.5.14. It seems that some alphas don't get used even if they are selected. Also they only seem to work with the Airbrush tool (when sculpting voxels). Is there something special that I need to do to use alphas apart from clicking on them ;-) ? Maybe that is the expected behaviour - sorry I'm fairly new to 3D-coat. I'm attaching an image of what I mean - the chain alpha works but when I select another I can see the alpha on brush itself changing but it's not being applied to the model. Thanks for any hints! Seb
  2. adaptive tesselation

    I did a search but nothing came so I hope this was not asked before. We have massive scenes and I was wondering if there are any plans on adaptively creating meshes suitable for the current view/complexity? Or is creating meshes on the fly like that just too slow? Thanks for any info, Seb
  3. 3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Hello! Painting voxels sounds awesome! For some reason I cannot see the "show voxels" in the view menu. Please help me or I'll go crazy here is an image - I do have the latest version.. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwkglqqhwcsOYTA5NmFmZDMtMjliNC00MGNiLTg4NzAtMjlmZTFhYTRjNzY3 Thanks in advance, Seb