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  1. I cannot believe it! This feels so good. Im glad you are honest about how you found out about this brush because Im almost embaressed. I wanted exposed options and presets exactly for this but I really don't know if I would have figured this out by myself. Thankyou very much. I did manage to make it crash within seconds though but I'll live through that. ".I find sometimes getting involved in devellopment is just disguised way for me to procrastinate in order to avoid sculpting.." I hear and feel you on that one. It was one of the reasons I like(d) sculptris so much. No distractions to cling onto. Clean tools, ok performance > go! I am guilty of this excuse. Also I understand what you meant now I know the context. Hey man, Im gonna keep it short cause its late here just wanted to throw in a quick thanks! If I dont run into any sudden surprises and I can interchange sculptris for the more powerful 3D-Coat I will be a very happy chap indeed. 3dioot
  2. "I don't see any difference either...I guess I just got used to MUD2..." Ok thanks for clearing that up for me. "I don't think "its the closest thing 3D-Coat has when it comes to a true clay brush",I think its THE best Clay brush,period." I have played some more with it and it feels really nice I agree. It feels predictable and smooth. "And as for Liveclay I think it is nothing but dead and I might add that at this point IMO it does not require more devellopment but mostly more SHOWCASING..." I have some trouble understanding what you are trying to say here? I personally feel it needs a lot of work and has not even come out of the child stage yet. "The thing is 90% of Liveclay brushes gives poor result/ or/and peformance if used as default or even if parameters like details and such are tweaked... And personally I never was able to get one decent brush out of the general brush..." I have to agree. I spend some hours playing with the interface and the global brush last weekend and I just could not get brushes I was satisfied with. I found the performance very poor. Strangely enough after disabling pretty much every option I could think of that would influence performance (even the dynamic tesselation) they still behaved very poor performance wise. I put a question about this in the brush optimization thread. Thankyou for the brush presets. I really like the three "sample" heads in that thread also. Great job. In my heart I am still hoping I can use 3D-Coat as a Sculptris ++. Maybe these presets will help. I also noticed the behaviour with the build brush as far as dynamic tesselation. It almost behaves more like a voxel brush in that it keeps the res uniform in space. Very surprising to see this behaviour compared with the other liveclay tools. Ill go play some more with it. I have to push myself to do something a little more substantial then blobby spheres in 3D-Coat but im honestly worried to just get more dissapointed. ah well.. /me blows dust of 3D-Coat Thanks for the indepth reply Artman! 3dioot
  3. Hey Artman, I like the first movie. Interesting how you use the preset panel to replace the tool palette. I have been thinking about doing the same after finding out you cant put presets on the tool palette itself (nor on the quick acces bar). I'm sort of rediscovering 3D-Coat after leaving it alone for a while (Raul's departure to Cuba and the dying of of any liveclay development did not help). I have a question for you if you don't mind. I was wondering wether there is any difference in Rapid2 and Mud2 with the noise turned to zero? You are correct in that its the closest thing 3D-Coat has when it comes to a true clay brush (its pretty nice actually; just lacking in options such as inbed) but I can find no differences between these two brushes with noise set to zero. Is there something the mud2 does that makes you prefer it over rapid2? 3dioot
  4. This thread is very interesting. I guess the morale of the story is this: Technology is nothing; implementation is everything. Take note Pilgway, take note. 3dioot
  5. Not really related to zb4r2 but Michalis I just have to say; i love your stuff man! I see your work everywhere; zbc, blenderartist, here and I can pretty much recognize its you by the style and quality. 3dioot
  6. What BeatKitano said.. Andrew just never "got" how important certain things were (even after they were bounced in his face about a thousand times) and I think in the end he paid the price for it. We will see how it goes now Raul has joined. As far as mudbox. It has a different approach to digital sculpting. Its much cleaner, leaner, faster (because it doesnt shy away to embrace hardware even though it leads to some depencies) and more in line with industry traditions regarding function and layout. The only reason I bought zbrush instead of mudbox is the price and, closely related, autodesk's scam.. erm i mean "upgrade policy" of releasing a new version every year regardless of adding new features. For marketing; I strongly believe that if Pilgway does it right this time the marketing aspect will be pretty much covered by its userbase and "word of mouth". 3dioot
  7. Abnranger, Perhaps you have allready tried this but I found Sculptris to fill the "problems" you are describing pretty well. Sure you cannot create holes in it but creating limbs/appendages/antenna is easily and fluidly done with it and you can get quite a bit of detail into your model before Sculptris chokes. Its extremely stable also. It has GOZ but since you use mudbox im certain that with an obj export and some reprojecting (which I assume mudbox does have an equivalent too) you you could be rocking with much (not all) of the same freedoms voxel sculpting currently gives you. I did not receive my license yet but from what I heard and the explanations by BeatKitano I highly doubt I'll prefer dynamesh over sculptris anyway. 3dioot
  8. Thankyou for answering so quickly. Also thats dissapointing to hear but it does fall within my expectations. Sure Dynamesh is a cool feature. But its also a patchup (sounds like previously available tools scripted together). Sculptris is just a little app but if you look at it from the "free" (as in not limited by topology) sculpting perspective it allows you to do the same with much higher fidelity. I really hope that with Raul working on liveclay for 3D-Coat it will become the spiritual succesor to Sculptris (since Zbrush clearly wont; this latest upgrade proves that much). Even similar features to Sculptris (brush quality please!) with the addition of 64bit and a proper scene manager like the voxtree would make me super happy and probably make it my sculpting package of choice once again. Its my biggest wish to see the sculpting module of 3D-Coat receive a great, big revisit and a shitload of polish. As in the logo. So much polish it drips of to the sides. 3dioot PS Brushfeeling. Yes... Lets just hope Raul has a proper appreciation for what it entails and how important it is. Im certain he is a great coder but he will have to be a little bit more then a coder to make it all work. I hope he is open to feedback from artists on this matter because for 3D-Coats sculpting to become a succes he will have to be.
  9. How fast is it? Is the reproject after the remeshing flawless or will you get problems with sharp ridges like line between the lips, nostrils etc? What is the resolution after a dynamesh update (is it high enough for high frequency detail like nostrils, ears, teeth etc). Can you smooth over poles normally now or do you still have to do the "press shift, stroke, let go" thing to do the alternative smoothing? Does dynamesh ever kick in "automatically" because it senses too much stressing of the mesh or is it always triggered by the user? How fast are the boolean operations like for example slice? Ill think up some more questions later. Thanks 3dioot
  10. That is looking very nice. I am especially impressed with the clothing. 3dioot
  11. Great artists as always. Pixologic knows how to pick em for beta testing. Did you get your upgrade yet Michaelis? Im still waiting for mine (please dont let it take three weeks). To be honest I am quite excited about it since the free upgrades were one of the deciding factors in purchasing zbrush. As much critique as I may have its still awesome to get stuff for free. 3dioot
  12. Are you really patient enough to make models with that? 3dioot
  13. I feel like echoing Michalis's sentiments exactly. I own zbrush. I will enjoy the new features. But they are not anywhere as innovative or groundbreaking as Pixologic likes to make them appear. Especially dynamesh is nothing but a desperate attempt to emulate some of the features that voxel sculpting and dynamic tesselation sculpting bring while clinging on to their old technology so they wont have to start anew. Zbrush is aging.. Sped up video's with fancy music showing programmer art will eventually stop hypnotizing the masses. Perhaps not anytime soon but it will happen. The major feeling I have when I look at Zbrush4R2 is intense regret that Andrew did not finish what he started in 2009. Such a gigantic waste of opportunity. It pains me to this day to think about it. Perhaps Raul has the vision to realize what can and should be done with the sculpting technology in 3d-Coat to bring it up to the level it deserves. We shall see when we get our hands on the latest liveclay improvements and can see how he reacts to feedback. 3dioot
  14. Leigh, Im doing fine thanks. Still sculpting as are you. I was intrigued by the developments in dynamic tesselation named liveclay but it seems the latest updates are not yet applied yet in the latest released beta's. Since I was here I decided why not say hi. Fun to see something hard surface from you! 3dioot
  15. Looking sharp LJB.