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  1. autoload presets?

    I understand. I never said I knew everything. I cant write code so I'm certain there are technical limitations I am not aware of. What I suggested for voxels at the time (resolution limited to brush size) is essentially how liveclay works. Perhaps that principle could never have been applied to voxels. Who knows. With that said, when I said that I did not consider voxel sculpting finished, I did not mean I would only consider it finished if that tech (or similair) would have been implemented. We''ll see how it all goes in the end with liveclay. I think its much easier with that technology to provide a solid sculpting experience than with voxels. For now I can only be impressed by the vigor in which you attack the preset problems. Ill make certain to use Mantis and be throrough in my feedback (as I pretty much always was). 3dioot
  2. autoload presets?

    Andrew is adressing me Batkitano. No it does not give the right to tell with total disrespect. You are right and its not my intention to make you feel bad. While I dont think I am alone in my complaints many users are happy to use 3D-Coat for painting and retopo, both area's which seem (at first glance at least) to be much more mature then the sculpting room. If I would have bought it for that my expectations would probably have been met. But I did not. I bought it with expectations (yes there they are!) for sculpting. I considered going back to the original v3.0 thread to show you promises you made in the height of excitement that only now, four years later, are being worked on. But I think it would be a waste of both your and my time to do so. Instead lets keep it a little more general. I did make the mistake to buy the software based on expectations of it maturing. Those were partly promises by you (some of which you are starting to fullfil four years later) and partly, what I considered at the time, to be common sense things. Yes this does bother me. I was naive in my expectations and you were probably not realizing how literally I was taking some of your words at the time. "Yes I will work on that" implies to me achieving a finished state on that subject and a certain level of quality. In hindsight this was completely arbitrary of course. Should I give you less flack over this? Yes I probably should. I should have known better. With software you buy the version thats released and nothing more. Since my purchase I have seen 3D-Coats development for a few years and I know what to expect now. Yes I find it dissapointing to find so many flaws with something as basic as presets (alpha/beta or otherwise). I am sad its a "next release" feature. For that Im not going to apologize. Not much to add I think. I have used Mantis. I understand how this is easiest for everyone involved. And yes I do feel voxel sculpting got never finished and brought to the state it should have. Thats an opinion and an expectation all wrapped into one. I also do see liveclay as the way out. I expected Pilgway to finish it. Did I purchase liveclay allready? Nope. But I do see it as bringing (some of) the functionality and smoothness I was expecting out of voxels. Am I entitled to it? Nope, thats why I will pay for the upgrade when/if stuff gets done. 3dioot
  3. autoload presets?

    @Pixo Its cool no worries. I got an answer to my original question and an interesting discussion afterwards so this thread is cool in my book. Heated discussions can actually be beneficial. Ciao 3dioot
  4. autoload presets?

    I was joking. I thought the smiley would give that away. But if you want to end it this way you are free to do so. Its not unusual for feedback threads to end in mockery of the one giving feedback on the 3D-Coat forums. Why break with tradition now? 3dioot
  5. autoload presets?

    And with that latest reply this thread has officially gone of the chart on weirdness. Good job. We will see what Raul does when he gets back. We either get a proper, fully featured, liveclay system or more toybrushes. I hope its the first. 3dioot
  6. autoload presets?

    Your keep implying there are only bugs with new features. You are also wilfully ignoring the fact that presets were promised a long time ago. You can keep twisting or ignoring the basic facts of this argument but its not going to lead anywhere. My time would be best spend sculpting. Shock horror. But lets ignore that fact. You keep implying (again) I have not contributed to this community. Not all of us have such a short term memory as you do Abnranger. That said ill give mantis a shot as I said a few posts up. 3dioot PS Keep editing your original replies some more..
  7. autoload presets?

    @AbnRanger No. Shitty presets do not mean voxel sculpting is bad. My experience with them has told me they are bad. 3D-Coat is not marketed as just a painting app. Look at the promo video's on the main page. Oops. I should not have to beg Andrew to fix presets that were promised for V3 four years ago. 3dioot
  8. autoload presets?

    @abnranger I allready showed some examples of bugs that have nothing to do with new development or beta tools. Enough said. 3dioot
  9. autoload presets?

    @Beatkitano Those are very wise words. I did not want to say it a few lines up when it talked about voxels vs liveclay but what you said was what I was thinking. I think voxel sculpting is half arsed. I think the cuda implementation is half arsed. I dont think it can be "really" fixed. Its just so dependant on hardware and drivers and (probably) continuous updates and refinements. I just dont see it happen. This is one of the big reasons why i think liveclay is the way forward. No cuda. Coding from "scratch" (at least i hope so). You can allready see this in certain tools. The liveclay flatten (while lacking some options) is allready behaving very different (much better) then surfacetools flatten and chissel. I welcome this. I hope liveclay is a rewrite from scratch with only the clear endgoal in mind. Since its less hardware dependant its also "easier" on those requirements (both hw and driver). I feel you brother. I really do. You are not alone. I dont expect you to get banned or censored. That would be incredibly stupid and ignorant to do. 3dioot PS edit for clarity
  10. autoload presets?

    Ok then... Im not even going to get sad anymore. Ill just go back to using my other soft.. 3dioot PS "At some point i simply though of severing all links to 3dcoat as I only felt anger while fighting with the app." I allready did that a long time ago. I just thought it would do no harm to try again after a long time. I was obviously wrong. PS2 I do appreciate you explaining how things work. Thank you. This stops me wasting my time.
  11. autoload presets?

    @beatkitano "Itemname"? Like the name you give to it yourself? No unique id for each preset? Are you freaking kidding me? Holy crap This is turning into more of a joke by the second. 3dioot
  12. autoload presets?

    Oh here is another one. Even with storing E-mode for presets backfacing being influenced or not is NOT saved. There are also issues with changing names of presets and them being stored. Ill summarize: Nothing works as you would expect it to. So with presets we should assume we have to test. Storing of presets. Saving of presets. Renaming being saved of presets. E-mode being saved correctly and fully eventhough its enabled. I wonder what else I will find. Or wait.. I dont really wonder. 3dioot
  13. autoload presets?

    @Andrew Thanks for the fix. "Hope it will boost LC development" Weird way to put it. I "hope" so too. "Also, don't expect too many from me." Don't worry. Im not expecting anything from you... My only remaining hope is Raul and even that was very hit and miss during the time he was still working for Pilgway. We will see what happens when/if he returns in september. "Or I should change development model a lot, take Autodesk style." Why don't you try it. Im certain paying more for less will make your licensees more forgiving towars the current state of 3D-Coat. @artman and beatkitano Hi Beatkitano! Im not going to reply in depth to your discussion. Did enjoy reading it though and no I dont mind it happening in this thread (at all). ------------ The problem I have with reporting "bugs" is that most of them are -obvious- workflow issues that are not complicated at all to everyone using the app for 10 minutes. Here is one which also shows the complexity with reporting. Transform does not respect masking. So.. are you gonna fix this or say "this is how its supposed to work and i should use pose instead"? Pose is freaking horrible because it wipes out your existin mask. Complained about that four years ago. Still not fixed. It also has lots of bugs with tweaking the mask during pose mode (extreme slowdown) and even with freaking curve modes. So.. Is this a bug? Would you fix it if I would report it? Would be priceless to me if I could use masks I "premade" and afterwards select the transform tool to transform it. The way pose tool forces you to do stuff now in a certain hierarchical order is really slow and limiting. --------------------- Also NO. 3D-Coat is not feature complete. Liveclay is just in the baby stages. In my few hour testing I found a few obvious thigns allready. There is no good standard brush like draw for surfacetools. LiveClay is horrible (yes throw your opinion at me how much you love it I dont care). Its not stable. Its not clean and predictable. Its not fast. There is no good clay brush for liveclay. Rapid 2 needs to get a liveclay version. This is vital. And it needs to have options. I want to be able to adjust brush profile. Creaseclay is promising but has horrible problems. It has not enough options and at the moment the pinching gets totally out of sync with depth at higher values. I personally think there is more value in implementing a bit of inflate instead of pinch. Better topo and cleaner stroke. Take lessons from sculptris. Really do it. Build brush that is used by Artman for the sharp preset has serious, serious issues when the stroke is made on surfaces that are more parallel to the camera angle. Its very, very bad and easily reproducable. This is after a -leave-. With only a few hours playtime. No its not finished. No its not feature complete. And yes; I expect it to be finished for V4. And if it truly gets finished (would be a first). I would pay for the upgrade. 3dioot
  14. autoload presets?

    @pixo Your welcome. Sometimes the line between bug and feature request is blurry though. It would be great if all functionality was allready in and it was a matter of bug fixing. How do you bug fix the feeling of a brush though? @digman We shall see. I hope your right. 3dioot
  15. autoload presets?

    Pixo, Sounds like a user review! I have personal experience with autodesk. We use one of their products at work. I guess I should give mantis a try then. Ill start with a simpel bug and see how it goes. Love your art btw. 3dioot