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  1. Unfortuantely it still does not work in this way. The regular materials export via file menu works. Thank you
  2. OK.Thank you Carlos.
  3. I am not shure if you tried the right way. Try this please: 1. Go to smart materials window 2. Create a new folder and set a new smart material there. 3. Press right mousebutton on a material and schoose "Share items folder". Save it as 3dcpack. 4. Delete the folder and restart 3DC. 5. After restart 3DC import your 3dcpack 6. Restart 3DC to see the imported smart mat folder -> Nothing imported.
  4. I am not able to import 3dcpacks. Do someone can confirm this? I have shared a material Folder, but I do not see the materials after import and restart. As I see the related pbrm files are copied in the main user folder of my 3DC installation but nothing happens. I have deleted the same folder in my Smart Material lib before imported it back for testing. Can this be the reason?
  5. v4.7.01 I can't import Displacement maps to same mesh. The uv are ignored. Do someone has the same problem? How to reproduce: 1. Take a mesh 2. Paint a black and white texture for using as displacement map. 3. Export the map to bitmap file. 4. Import the map as displacement for the same mesh. -> Result: The imported map ignores the uvs. This happen in vertex mode too. Is this my fault?
  6. In combination with RFill this will be great! Raul. It is important to connect the strips together, to make rings for example.
  7. IMPORTANT BUG in retopo room: Move selected faces to the current layer is buggy! Please fix this asap. Faces will be moved, but are still connected to the source layer. It is really important. Thank you!
  8. There is one more problem with clone or copy: Actually the new retopo layer should be unique, but it is not. It will be still handled as it is in the source before. Real individual retopo layers have individual colors. But if you copy some faces an move them to a new retopo layer, then it is not a unique retopo mesh and still connected to the source. I have this issue in v 4.5.40.
  9. Thank you. I am shure you will optimise the curves to good point. A second mode would help: If a point is moved istead of creating a "spike" the whole bending of the curve segment will be moved. Like in Illustrator or in the existing 3D Coat curves coded by Andrew for other tools. Believe me: If you port the current solution for regular 3D Coat curves to your splines, then you made the job! We don't need more Raul.
  10. Just feedback: Currently I like RFill a lot. It saves a lot of time. I dropped quadpaint unfortunately because of the uncontrollable curves. Our company needs exact curve shapes for our projects. Not just free retopo meshes. I hope Raul expand the curves soon to make them more controllable.
  11. Do you plan to add a bezier controlled lines mode or similar soon? I have real problems with the current dynamic lines. They are extremely hard to control. When I want to change a curve, the others follow. This is really bad. Dynamic lines like the ones you are using are contra productive for artists. Don't forget: Artists do not use your tools for retopo only. Some people use them for professional laser cut pattern/templates too. In this case we need a exact line control like the the other tools in 3D Coat already offer since a long time. Thank you Chris
  12. I have a wish: Is it possible to paint next curves with the same resolution like the one you set before? The most time you need lower resoluted meshes and I have to alter the line always. This is a bit messy. If possible it would be the best to set the line segment resolution for new lines to a fixed value of dots. F.e.: When I paint a new line and set a fixed line resolution value to 5 then my new created lines are always sudivided by 5 segments. I should be able to change them later of course like it is now.
  13. Die Shader sind neu und werden auch so bleiben. Die neue Version ist wesentlich schneller als die alten Shader. Durch die Umschreibung hat sich natürlich existenziell viel geändert. Man muss sich daran erst gewöhnen. Und natürlich ist auch wieder Potenzial für Verbesserungen da. Beschäftige Dich mit dem neuen System. Es ist insgesamt viel besser als das Alte. Es ist nicht alles "doof". Man kann sich einen guten Sculpting Shader basteln, mit dem man prima klar kommt. Ihr solltet Euch an die Neuerungen gewöhnen. Ein Weg zurück wird es nicht geben, außer man verwendet die alten Versionen. Meist liegt es daran, das man sich als User an das Alte gewöhnt hat und nun rum-quengelt, weil es nicht mehr so ist wie früher und man sich umgewöhnen "muss". Das passiert mir selber auch, auch in anderen Tools. Best wishes Chris
  14. You are right. My fault. Corrected.
  15. The language files needs definitely a clean up. I have the same issues with the german version.