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  1. Bug: Background->Ref-image can not be replaced, if using the same file name for replacing image. How to reproduce: 1. Create a background image: f.e. myimage.png 2. Set it to one of the axis in 3DC and close guides. 3. Edit myimage.png in your external program (photoshop f.e.) and replace the origin file with the update. 4. Edit image placement in 3DC and try to load the new version of myimage.png. -> No changes. 3DC seem to use the file in the cache instead of reloading it from disk. The only workaroud is to save myimage.png using a new name. This happend to alphas and stencils in the history too. I hope it was fixed there. Have not tried it. Can someone reproduce this? Best wishes Chris
  2. Ich weiß, was Du meinst vidi. Ich habe hier Version 4.7.35 und da bewegen sich die Punkte ausgeblendeter Islands nicht mit. Das müsst jetzt eine Weile gehen. Aber wenn man sie einblendet, dann bewegt man weiterhin alle sichtbaren Punkte. Und sobald sie zu nahe kommen, dann verschmelzen sie auch miteinander. Leider...
  3. Hey Carlos. Thank you for the hint. Did not realised this option. How long is this feature already implemented? But even if it helps: It does not help to find materials in a fast way. There are still too many open tasks here. The idea to switch folders off is a nice workaround and helps, but it should be concepted out and implemented better to fulfill the most needs. I still hope for my idea will be implemented sometime.
  4. Thanks. What is "IL" 1.2 ? EDIT: Ok. Got it. You mean "Instant Light".
  5. Another try to improve 3DC gui. My attached concept explains a way how window folders should be displayed in the future. It is needed for all areas and one of the most important improvements in my eyes. Drop your 2 cents if you like it. Thank you Chris
  6. Sorry for this post but "Stable never means bug free"...
  7. V 4.7.34: Render room seems to be buggy. Made a quick test with a default sphere (Per pixel mode). 3DC render does not stop when Realtime Render is on. After switching off, there are artefacts on the sphere.
  8. I don't know if someone already wrote a small concept for a better smart material system. So I try to do it here. In my opinion it is really easy to understand. Of course I do not know how hard the follwing features are to code. But anyway. Advanced smart material concept ideas by Christoph: What is a LINKED smart material in 3D Coat in the future? You can link a smart material to one or more layers. This means you click with the RMB on a smart material within your smart material library and set this material to an active paint layer. You can link one material to as many layers as you want. What happens then? a ) If you change the origin linked material in the library, then ALL linked layers gets the new smart material values and refreshes immediately. b ) If you change a linked material locally (by clicking the RMB layer menu) then the same happen like in step a: all linked layers and the origin material in the library refreshes. And why this? Because they are ALL "linked". They are all using the same informations. It is logic isn't it? What is an ATTACHED/LOCAL smart material in 3D Coat? I like the idea to convert a linked smart material to "local" or attach it to an individual layer to use it there only. I like the word "local" in this case more then attached. So what does an attached or local material mean? a ) You can attach a material to one or multiple layers one by one. But every layer with an ATTACHED material became idividual. You can change individual smart material values, but only the layer where the material is attached refreshes. No changes in other layers. No changes in the main library. Just local changes. Example: You have an attached red material in layer A and layer B. Both has the same attached material. But if you change one of them, only the changed layer gets the new values. The other one stays. This is the current model we have in 3D Coat. Result We should have three kind of paint layer situations in the future: 1 ) A layer with an linked smart material: One or more layers has linked materials. All this layer content changes, as soon as we change the linked smart material. By using the layer menu or by changing it in the main library. 2 ) A layer with an local/attached layer: One or more layers has attached materials. Every material is individual. You can change them locally. Even the origin material in the library will not refresh if you change a layer whitch was attached with it. Every information ist local. A small icon inside the material thumbnail in the layer could mark a local layer material. 3 ) A combi layer (default). What is a combi layer? A combi layer is a combination of different paint informations. You have painted with several smart materials or just colors within this single layer. There is no specific linking or attachment to a single material because you used multiple painting informations and colors. So 3D Coat do not know (yet) what part in the layer have to be refreshed. But if you link or attach a new material to a combi layer, all information will be replaced by the new material. And you have a situation like point 1 or 2 above. So. What is the problem to understand this? It would serve nearly all needs, right? Thank you for your time Chris PS: Maybe in the future Andrew will develop a way to link to locally painted strokes. So we can maybe refresh a painted area of a single layer. But this is science fiction for now...
  9. One question to attached smart materials: How do I change a smart material AT ONCE that is attached to multiple layers please? I mean the changes have to be refreshed in all attached layers simultanous. I did not found something like this. Is this feature still in development? Whitch advantages do I have currently with the new system? At the moment it is a advanced refill mode with a thumbnail in the layer and the possibility to edit the attached smart material (but only local). The real important advantages from linked materials are still missing. Or do I overlook something? If this topic was already discussed, then I missed it. So can you tell me the result of the discussion and when we will get real linked smart materials?
  10. Exactly. Something like this. I know this kind of project organisation from softimage or Maya. The solution is good. So why not port it to 3D Coat? Thank you Carlos
  11. Just a short question someone can answer me: Did someone asked for a feature request to save used smart materials within scenes? I know smart materials are saved in the user folder currently. But if you share your scene with someone, then you have to export the smart materials as a 3bpack seperately. But what do you do, if you change your pc load the 3b backup scene and do not have any chance to get access to the workstation where you have created the origin scene? You have lost your smart materials then... So you know what I mean? This is something really important and another reason for the upcoming dynamic smart materials features.
  12. Grundsätzlich Ja. Kommt darauf an, woher die Normalmap kommt, die Du verändern möchtest.
  13. Bug: Changing color of attached materials does not refresh model/material preview in smart material library. Old color value stay when editing by using RMB on smart material library slot.
  14. Ach ja. Hier mal ein Shadertree, um den Y-Kanal (Grün) für blender zu flippen. Machst Du das auch? Sonst funktionieren die Normalmaps aus 3DC auch nicht und man sieht die Seams. Hier Beispiele mit Vorher/Nachher:
  15. Ich weiß nicht wie/wo Du die Normalmaps renderst. In blender kann es helfen, das Shadow Sampling des Lichts hochzusetzen. Bei der "Sun" steht die Size auf "0.1". Versuch es mal mit höheren Werten. Ab 0.5 sieht Dein Modell evtl. schon viel besser aus. Das Mesh muss vorher aber noch im Edit-Modus gesmoothed werden. Aber das hast Du sicher schon. Grüße Chris