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  1. I agree Taros, the amount of detail is very impressive, but it does still feel to have a "sculpted" look to it, as if it actually were a piece of clay that was formed and scraped away, appearing to have many scratches indicative of using traditional sculpting tools... That to me makes it feel that much more authentic in a way, although if pure realism is what the goal was it's not quite there, but almost! I still feel this is the kind of detail users of Zbrush and Mudbox are going to look for if the switch to 3DCoat is to become a reality.
  2. Impressive Renderdemon! How many times did you have to increase the voxel density to achieve this amount of detail? Keep up the outstanding work! It's great to see how far people are pushing 3DCoat, certainly this kind of work can only help Andrew improve the voxel workflow as more artists are exposed to using it and providing feedback.
  3. Yes congrats Sonk! Offset's been a long time coming... but from the tool demonstration videos it looks amazing to work with
  4. Agreed, nice details on the boots! Overall feels very Burton-esque
  5. Out of curiosity, how many poly's is 3DCoat reporting your model is at? Several million I presume at least? Great update!
  6. Nice progress Juan!
  7. Really like where this is going Juan, almost feels like a matured Pokemon or something! Hehe. Keep up the great work!
  8. Nice! It'll be really cool to see how rapid people will prototype things such as armor and such using 3dcoat.... I find it so much easier to jot an idea down quickly, and come back to it later to refine Keep up the great work!
  9. Awesome Juan! Loving the skin shader, details are terrific!
  10. Nice work Juan! I'm especially liking the skin details; wrinkles are looking terrific.
  11. Very impressive! May I ask how long the render with SSS took in Carrara? Only reason is that I did a turntable render that used SSS in Modo and my (decent) computer took forever to render it!
  12. I'm also with 3dioot, I do alot of incremental saves but since the files grow so large the more work is done, I have to throttle how many I've got saved due to lack of hard drive space.
  13. Nice! Almost looks like a 3-dimensional concept!
  14. I was thinking over my comment this morning, and I realized I did quite a few voxel -> polygon operations due to my love of the poly pinch tool (awesome btw)... It seemed like maybe going back and forth time and time again might be the cause of the anomalies I observed, just a thought. Also Andrew, the minute you add layers to this app, go ahead and take my upgrade dollars right away
  15. I'm having so much fun working with 3D Coat... Seriously, I love to work on this guy as the app is developing, tweaking and adding as new things come into place. Here's my 'mad scientist' as he currently stands, moving onto back of head/ears area next! I noticed as I was grabbing some shots of him that certain parts of the mesh seem to be degrading a little as I work on him more and more... it's really strange, I'll get a random scrape, or some dents that I know weren't added even accidentally (I do most of my work on this guy with a mouse - yes I know, a mouse)... Perhaps as a model is being worked on there is some degradation occurring over time? Thanks Andrew for the continuing development of such a wonderful app!