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  1. Hi ! Its good, but we can't see what tool you use.
  2. Ya ! I was thinking the same thing last week.
  3. ok, I was not sure, my english is very poor.
  4. It is only "existing" heros or can I create my own concept !?
  5. Sorry for you grandma, I lost my grandpa this week too.
  6. For retopo I prefer blender, you can't say 3Dcoat his better than blender for that.
  7. Have you seen this for the retopo !? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OTl_TtAm1o
  8. Could you make screencasting please ?
  9. +1, Very nice brush !
  10. Thx for update !
  11. Salut ! J'ai un soucis depuis quelques temps, j'ai du touché à un paramètre, (j'utilise la beta) quand je fait un export de ma normal map sous 3DCoat il me l'exporte en valeur négative par rapport à ce que j'ai dans 3DCoat... http://onirike.free.fr/temp/export1.jpg http://onirike.free.fr/temp/armure.jpg