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  1. COLLADA Exporter

    I used TinyXML for the last Collada exporter I wrote as well, but I was thinking of moving onto the Collada DOM to support more advanced features, and to make it easier to write out conforming Collada files. However, in the case of 3DC, it doesn't appear that it supports animation or hierarchical transforms, so TinyXML will probably do just fine for basic Collada files that are only handling static, multi-textured geometry. Please let me know if I can help out with the implementation of writing out the texture file locations - it's a bit subtle how the cross references are supposed to work.
  2. Export/Import SDK

    I second this request. If it were also possible to add text boxes that could access metadata stored with the 3DC file, we could make use of the asset elements in Collada, to track authorship, copyright, licensing, and version/revision numbers. There's also a field in the asset tag to specify the authoring tool, which would help to promote the fact that a given model was made with 3DC, but just as importantly, will lead to the ability to automatically re-import models when they are changed in 3DC, since the Collada asset element can point at the original 3DC file, making it possible for a third-party tool to check when it has been modified.
  3. COLLADA Exporter

    Good job, JamesH. Are you using the Collada DOM APIs for your implementation?