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production process voxle sculpt to textured model

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Is it possible to create a character by voxle sculpting from scratch, re-topoing a mesh (or exporting it somehow), setting up the UVs, generating a normal map from the voxle sculpt, and painting textures, all within 3d-coat?

I have a voxle scuplt, and have re-topoed it. I can not figure out how to set up the UVs and texture files. I have stumbled upon the uv process with in the retopo room, but this does not translate to the UV room.

all of the tuts i've seen start with a polygon mesh, import into 3d-coat, voxle sculpt it. the imported polygon mesh has the uv's as part of the mesh, so there dosnt seem to be much problem painting, and normal/displacement mapping.

Maybe that is the way to do this in the first place, but it seems like you would be able to do everything within 3d-coat without assistance from another polygon modeling app.



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3D-Coat certainly does have all the tools you need to create nearly any type of model, sculpt it, create topology for it, produce UV maps, texture it - using intuitive painting tools that can simultaneously produce diffuse, specular, bump, normal and displacement maps - From start to finish - ready to export to your favorite 3D rendering and animation application.

It is not as convoluted a process as it may seem, at first sight.

If you have created a retopology mesh for your model, you merely need to create some unwrapping seams - unwrap the topology, and (here's the key point) "Merge" it into the Paint Room for either Per-Pixel painting, Micro-Vertex painting (for more extreme displacement) or for Ptex painting. It is this "merging" process that creates a UV map, ready for alteration, within the UV Room.

I'll be posting a new "From Scratch" video series that covers all of these steps, in detail, very shortly. But, in the meantime, try experimenting with these processes to gain some first hand experience.

Greg Smith

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Some DigitalTutors tutorials on 3D Coat showed up recently. Not sure about their quality though as I didn't watch them yet.

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