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CUDA CORES board question

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hi all

Can i ask which video board is good for 3DC w/CUDA ?

Im thinking to buy the:




Graphics Engine GeForce GT 640

Interface PCI Express x16 3.0

Memory Type DDR3

Memory Size(MB) 2048

Memory Interface 128 bits

Core Clock Speed(MHz) 941

Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 1782

Cuda Cores 384

Memory Bandwidth(GB/sec) N/A

Texture Fill Rate(billion/sec) N/A

DVI Output 1

D-SUB Output 1

HDMI-Output 1

Mini HDMI-Output N/A

DisplayPort N/A

Mini DisplayPort N/A

TV-Output N/A

VIVO(Video-in/out) N/A

HDTV Support N/A

HDCP Support Y

HDMI Support Y

Dual-link DVI Y

Display Output (Max Resolution) 2560x1600


DirectX Version Support 11

OpenGL Version Support 4.2

CrossFire Support N/A

SLI Support N/A

3-way SLI N/A

HyperMemory Tech. N/A

TurboCache tech. N/A

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Don't EVER buy OC edition cards. They're unreliable, or at least subject to problems. Most of the time it's not worth it anyway, buy a non oc card and overclock it if you want but you're asking for trouble with an OC edition card. They always mess up with the memory chip quality, condensators or cooling system to lower costs and get better cuts...

I'm sure we could draw a direct relation graph between OC cards/normal cards and artefacts/card failures.

I respectfully disagree. OC cards cost a bit more because they have higher quality memory (that the Manufacturer knows CAN/WILL handle it) and they generally have FAR superior cooling. The great part about that is, the aftermarket cooling that they install makes those cards silent. Most of these cards have a pretty lengthy warranty too

I would never buy another reference card and OC cards are the ONLY way to go, in my experience...even if you never overclock them. If Andrew would ever update CUDA and expand it's usage to all sculpting and painting tasks, these new Kepler cards should rock in 3D Coat. 3 times as many cores as my 400 series!

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Im not really sure if the graphicscard will boost some speed in 3DCoat, few months ago I switched from a GT330m to GTX560Ti.. I dont really notice a big difference.. :(

Only difference is that I have more voxels/poly's on screen.

Im just wondering.. do any of you happen to know if Andrew is working on CUDA updates?

Pretty sure there's alot of speed to gain in this area.. :)

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