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Digman on displacement maps in 3d Coat.

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Ah, you got it up I see... This video is a little different as we are discussing 3DCoat's features in an informal manner using screen sharing.

It's a great way to sit back and discuss, learn and work with another 3DCoat user...

I had imported a flat plane into Micro vertex mode...

I will add a video bringing in the real polygon mesh into surface mode with the textures converted to vertex colors... Here is a early wip as I start to work on the 9 million polygon mesh to change things the way I want them to be...


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OK I'm going to work on developing this. I love this workflow for hand painting textures on a greyscale in the paint room on a 3d object then just exporting as a Targa then reimporting as a real time displacement map...this will be excellent, far better than Normal Maps though they'll still be useful as another layer of finer detail..


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