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[Solved] Simple unwrap problem :( <----New

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I'm trying to unwrap this simple object. I think its pretty simple. made in blender. imported as obj for unwrapping and texturing. Imported with Auto Mapping for UV.  My problem is in the first image the face with my cursor over it doesn't have a checker pattern and does not show up on the  uv island. In the second image the face with my cursor over it does. When i hit unwrap everything works  but the face with out the checker pattern does not unwrap. I'm new and this has been pretty maddening this morning. i figured it would be simple. I have retopoed more difficult objects and exported them with the baked textures in the past.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


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If you have any nGons use the command Retopo > Remove N-Gons and try to unwrap again.

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I re-ran Auto-map on the model. It unwrapped correctly. Your uv set was not correct. I am unsure of the cause.

Here is the model unwrapped using auto-map, no manual seam creation. 

You also have some duplicated vertices. I did not fix these. So you might have some duplicate overlapping faces as well. 

A way to check in blender and remove them. 
EDIT. I checked both in hexagon and Blender, you got a least one.

Fix your model or mine and run auto-map again from the new menu in 3DC.


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