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Update from external Geometry

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One awesome feature inside Zbrush is updating of loaded basemeshes with external files.

I wonder if something simmilar could work with meshes (and maybe at a later

point in time with Nurbs) merged to Voxels too...

Let me explain:

1) Create a simple Cube inside your preferred Modeler and save it as an Obj.

2) Load the cube into Zbrush, subdivide and sculpt away

3) Now change the original cube inside your Modeler (extrude a face, cut a hole, whatever) and Press SAVE

4) Load the changed file with the same name into Zbrush. The app loads the changed Topology (=replaces the old)while doing a

great job in preserving the already sculpted elements (areas which need review automatically get masked).

Couldn't something like this work with Voxels too?

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Agreed this would be good.

The new 3D Paint system the Foundry bought from Weta (forgot the name) also has the ability to load geometry sequences, so when texture paining a character you can scrub a deforming character to see where the texture more stretch, and even save different textures for different poses that are blended together by Maya/Houdini/whatever at render time based on geometry attributes. That'd be cool too :)

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I was about to request for this but then I remembered that I already asked earlier...

Regardless - here is a reminder with a quick illustration.


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