Local Resolution in Voxel mode

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Hello Andrew !

it would be revolutionary if we could Locally " Step UP or DOWN " in Resolution in Voxel mode

adding detail "only" where it's needed

For the biggest attraction in my opinion, 3DC what sets it apart from the competition ( besides your amazing level of interaction with us ),

is Voxels and if this feature is implemented it makes " surface" mode irrelevant in my opinion

But I am very grateful that you started to tackle voxels and make it more useable..so a BIG thank you

bravo :clapping:

Thank you for your time

The Dude :)

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+1 for localized voxel res. Anything to make the voxel workflow smoother for higher-detail sculpting in 3D Coat is useful IMO

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I gotta agree. Moving and posing very high poly meshes is really painful at the moment. The new multires feature does help, but it's still very slow and cumbersome.

I'm not sure, but I think Andrew may have hinted at the possibility of Sculptris like tesselation in the future. Check the post below:



But for now I suppose we could just use Sculptris and retopo and paint the models in 3D Coat?.

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