Microvertex painting corruption

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BUILD: 3.3.09 64 bit (non-Cuda)


HARDWARE: (If applicable)

BUG DESCRIPTION: Microvertex painting corruption with edit projections in external editor


1. load the default werewolf model for microvertex painting with a 4096 texture resolution.

2. create a new layer. Paint some color.

3. go to edit: edit projections in external editor

4. in external editor Photoshop, paint some new color in layer. save.

5. upon returning to 3d coat, the model is geometrically a mess, or the projection doesn't return and the layers are gone.

6. another quirk is that Photoshop states that "could not open...because the file was in use or left open" This happens on a clean reboot too

7. Upon further testing, a similar issue happens with per pixel painting.

This seems to happen with any model, not just the default one.

Thank you


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The possible reason of the mess is that you switched to 3DC before file saving in PS was finished, so 3DC opens corrupted file.

Try to save file, wait 3 sec and switch to 3DC.

In all my test it worked well but the one when saving took long time and I switched to 3DC before saving was finished.

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