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Smooth All ... Unexpected result ...

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Smooth All ... Unexpected result ...

I'm importing OBJ files from Wings3D for the burposes of

doing VOXEL CSG ops and apply shaders.

Some objects seem to spawn ERROR voxels in long strings.

This a long standing bug.

TOO BAD that Smooth all does not work recursively from parent object

downwards. Since it does not ... I'm forced to do smooth all object

by object. Pain.

If I pick the parent, I would expect some result, even if a message that

says does not work from parent.

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I recommend you send an OBJ file that causes the error directly to Andrew to: support AT 3d-coat DOT com

Also recommend you post bugs like this in the forum's "Support" section in the "Voxel sculpting bugs" area. Otherwise, Andrew might not see your bug reports.

Here are the guidelines for submitting bugs to help get them squashed quicker:


Hope this helps...MG

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This problem is not a BUG per-se. More of a complaint ... possibility for future improvement. I think it important to make that


Also .. there is no particular geometry needed to experience what I think to be the priority complaint ... not that the VOXEL

string appears (A assume Andrew is more than well aware of that problem), but I complain more about SMOOTH ALL having no chance to act on each child of a parent object in turn.

What is this forum SECTION for anyways if not a catch all for things that don't land solidly in the BUG category.

If this forum section goes largely unread by Andrew ... perhaps it should be closed ?

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