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Hi Applink-Developers, hi Andrew...

I am not sure what the latest installer/applink-description suggest.

But I see that there are are Applinks which allow to initially send Geometry created inside 3DCoat to Program XY and there's

others which don't support this. So I can for instance send Geometry from 3DCoat to Voidworld and I believe also to Blender and other

programs by using the File/Export to - Pulldown...

In other programs (example on my disk: Messiah - but there could be others as well) such isn't posssible.

Here the linking-chain has to start inside Messiah by opening the desired mesh and sending it over to 3DCoat -unless I've overlooked something

crucial. Could this behaviour please get streamlined so that every Applinking-Process can also start inside 3DCoat? Could the Applinks also all

use one common Output-Directory (at least by Default)? Otherwise we start cluttering our Disks with loads of large temporarily files, which in

some cases even sit in the C-Drive...


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In general after installing AppLink XY there should appear item in File menu

File->Open In -> XY

This is a way to initiale all starting from 3DC

Thanks for your reply Andrew.

I have several Applinks installed (Voidworld, Messiah, Blender) but I don't see "Open In"

All I have is "Export to" - but (for now) only available for Voidworld and Blender.


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Another wish for all Applinks: Please consider "Send to" with a Submenu of all installed Applinks.

It could also include a Link called "Source-App" so that one could Hotkey the Exchange back.

Then one only needed just one Entry for the Applink (One would not need "Open in original App").

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I'm lead to believe that 3D-Coat and Solid Iris Thearender are considering developing an app-link. I certainly hope that is true and I think that is such a "no-brainer" good idea that I've just bought 3D-Coat. :)

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