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Mac Version 32 Bit 19a Retopo works not good

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every time i use Voxel Models not self painted only primitives and Library Primitives i get a broken Models after Re topology

i attached a picture all Models looks like that after Auto Re topology for what this feature is in that Program ? if i must make

the mesh self i don´t need a Voxel paint Program.

If i give the Program Help Lines it looks a little bit better but in last 2 Month i get no Model out of 3dC without errors in Mesh.

I Know it is a Beta but i get same result with the actual "Full Version" for what i purchase this Program ? not for making videos how nice i can paint Voxel

Models if i cant get the Models out of the Program i can delete it same if i must do the hole Re topology Process self.

I don´t know if all here like it to work with Banana Software for me it is pure Horror.

I wait now some month that a Real working OSx version cams out as i purchased i don't do that for using it on many Operating systems i use

for That only one OS .

I take a look now to other Programs like that i am sure they are cost more money but if i took hole frustration crashes broken models

crashes and a community where all is wonderful surprised about every new feature that ma by works on some OS on others not.

Fix Issues and leave shit new features out of program since it works like you sell it !

The 64 Bit Version is nice but it cant work, why ? the 32 program also don´t work

For results like on this picture i can use free ware and get a fine working mesh out of that i put a simple Picture and Time in this Post

Merge a sphere with a Head (very complex)


more than 10 steps to get a model

Model is broken

all inclusive 12 Minutes

plus waiting 65 seconds to save this complex scene

Meshmixer (same Sphere and head)

two steps for the Model one for export

all inclusive 2 minutes

modell is fine and works

saving scene 5 seconds

i attached pictures one from 3dc the second from meshmixer the pictures are not so good but you can see what is wrong every picture where is something wrong is from 3dCoat

I get the same Results in 3.5

I use (will use) 3dCoat to make me Models for my renderings where a classical way is only with nurbs thats why i purchased this program, since the first day

i get a program with workarounds so i go to here and test every beta that com up every of them have new features or some bigger Bugs fixed i wait now since 5 month

to get a program that do same what many free tools can do and they do that fast and cleanly enough for me.

Iam sorry about this clear posting but i am not a member of a Open Source community like blender there i would be know what i get, i purchased a Program for

do some work with it.

Greetings from Germany


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