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Retopo from voxel with color map

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Hello, this is my first posting.

I really amazed by voxel, from high mesh from zbrush, because it makes beautiful AO and Normal maps when I retopologize it.(And of course AUTOPO!)

But as you know voxel can have only one color, so I cannot bring a texture made on zbrush.

I tried to use it as reference mesh, but it cannot make AO map and beautiful normal map like voxel.

So does anyone know how to transfer the AO, normal, and color map to the low poly mesh from high mesh made by zbrush?


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use xnormal .export full res model with pixel painting to obj.

retopo using a.lower res decimated model in 3dcoat.do your uvs .

then bake in xnormal .make sure you have ignore vertex color ticked off in the high res section when baking diffuse

map ...but tick it back on when baking ao.fastest cleanest baker i know of .....have fun

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