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NVIDIA Opens up CUDA Platform

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Another thing recently posted is a Path Rendering SDK to draw vectors on the GPU -


Ultra quick vector references, textures, masking and curves etc could only be a good thing really. :D

There are various tech videos also -


When i see this one i wonder if it could be used to display the GUI, wireframe and grid etc in the CUDA version.

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On other forums the biggest complaint is the sculpting is not as good as ZB/MB however i see some saying it's slow. Sculpting wise there is now LiveClay which just keeps getting better and better. The dotting effect 3DC can make seems like it's about to be fixed also so then it's really just the speed left.

As you say there doesn't seem to be too much difference between the versions at the moment. If 3DC used the GPU/CUDA for as much as it could however then not only would this be great for everyone with a half decent graphics card but i think more studio's would take notice of the program, because they usually have really good gear available so it would be ultra fast even with crazy amounts of detail.

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