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Modifien Modo Applink Mac OSx

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i put in this Post a Applink to Modo 301-501 for Mac OSx Snow Leopard and Lion.

Attention it is not my own Package i modified the original Modo 1.01 Package from Neophyte so that it works with Mac OSx.

3dCoat Path must be under Username/3d-coatV3 that is since 3dCoat 3.5 earlier Installations can't use that Applink so if you have a older version

running use please the Original manual Install from Neophyte or update your 3dCoat to a Version above 3.5


unpack archive

open Modo go to System Menu pic run Script

navigate to expanded Archive and open klick ok

if installation was ok you get a message if not you will run into error

restart Modo

after reopen modo go to system forms search form and klick with mouse to Button Vertices

now in Form editor the Vertices button is selected

Left Mouse Klick than duplicate

now you have two entrees with name Vertices select the last one

delete what is in field Command and put there @3dc_applink.lxm

now rename the second Vertices to 3dCoat Applink or what you want

Put the Entree 3dCoat Applink behind the entree Work Plane with that the Applink Button goes to last position in Menu

Have a look that in Yourusername/3d-coatV3/Exchange a folder with Name Modo exist if not create one

Restart Modo a second time after reopen make a default Sphere klick to Button 3dCoat Applink and a Palette opens there select export to 3dCoat

you get a question where to save the Object put it in YourUsername/3d-CoatV3/Exchange/Modo Folder

Open 3dCoat you get a question to import leave all and select ok

Paint something on the sphere

Open File Menu and select give Object back (i have a german Version i hope in englisch is that the name of menu)

go back to Modo and klick import from 3dCoat

Now you see your painting on the Sphere

Thats was all now you can use it.

Please give Wisches and Feature requests to the original Developer of that Applink i am not a developer i only make scrips working with Mac OSx



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