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Shaders? Textures?

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Is it possible for us to make our own shaders? What about textures?

Ideally, we'd like to apply 3D textures (perhaps from .dds, but we'd be open to directly making the texture resources too) and use them in custom shaders.

- Chad Capeland

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yeah it is possible, just open the shader window (in your voxelroom) and create a new from an existing shader...

but for some shaders u will need a spherical texture - image with 180°+180° degree - but its easy, u can use photoshop, gimp, or u made a photo from a bubble or u did have an fisheye for ur cam, or u did render a sphere. And for others u will nee seamless textures.

And dds, thats not so important, this dds file did wrote 3dCoat. U can work with PNG, TIFF and so on. But u can watch with an irfanview plugin (formats.dll) how dds textures are looking.

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Textures can be referenced by adding them in the shader:

sampler CustomSampler1;//corresponds to texture Shaders/CustomSampler1.dds[/CODE]

So if I create a new texture that I want to use in the shader, I just need to add another line below CustomSampler1:

[CODE]sampler CustomSampler2;[/CODE]

Then create the dds file in "[3D-Coat folder]\Shaders\Custom\[Name of new shader]\CustomSampler2.dds"

I think you can go up to 8 CustomSamplers. But I would not touch CustomSampler3, It's used for selection mask coloring.

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