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Suggestion: Template Based Retopology

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Hi All,

First off, great job with 3D Coat! It is such a great program for ZBrush and point cloud retopology, our team absolutely loves working in it. There is however a feature that I'd really like to see in future versions of 3D Coat and that is templating.

One of our biggest challenges when working with sculpts or point cloud faces is transferring the look and feel over to our base face that will be used in game. It can be very time consuming and tedious to fit the base face to the proportions of the sculpt or point cloud face. And since we need to share meshes for morphing we can't just create a custom topology for each new face. What we would like is a way to load up our base face and fit it to the sculpt. Here is an example from an existing product:

As you can see, the user picks matching points from the base head to the sculpt and then the base mesh is fitted. I think that this would be an amazing addition to the retopology tools in 3D Coat!


Corey Kinard

Art Director/Technical Artist

STTC - Prototype Integration Facility

University of Central Florida - Contractor

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It may not require too much a stretch as all faces share the same features and an adjusment cage of conrol points would get it close enough for surface snapping.

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This could speed up character creation also. Sculpt a character then click on key points on the sculpt and matching points on a base mesh and retopology is pretty much done.

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