How to transform UV-Islands into squares? Is it possible?

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Helo, I work often also with silo + 3DCoat - but I need maybe also a other applictaion? Or is there a good way in 3DCoat?

My wish is simple ... I subdivided a cube into a sphere and I want to have 6 UV Islands, but these 6-UV Islands are rounded, I want have 6 UV Islands, but into 6 squared forms. What should I do? Or what application can it do? Better as 6 single UVs is also a well formed T

This question I did have, coz I wanted paint a simple sphere with an seamless texture, and these are squared. I know that the proportions are getting wrong, but it would be nice to form UV Islands to a user-defined-shape e.g. into a square ...

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Is it possible to make the UV for the cube first and then subdivide? I just tried this in LightWave and it was fine.

I may be wrong but I think if you're going to paint on it in 3D (like in 3DC) then the "warped" UVs actually are correct.

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