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3D coat create geometry effect like NoiseMaker for Zbrush

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Does anyone know if its possible to use a wrapped alpha mask to evenly displace geometry in 3d coat. In zbrush this can be done with the noisemaker plugin, but was not sure if there is a way to do this is 3d coat. I need to achieve something like the hex patterns around an organic shape similar to the sphere shown here http://www.pixologic...res/NoiseMaker/ or like this I need it to be clean crisp even geometry and not painted texture. I am using the latest build 3.7.11b with live clay. I have tried many approaches with masking and the logo tool, but cant seem to find a method. For those not familar with the zbrush approach it can be shown here http://www.pixologic...son/noisemaker/ Thanks in advance for any tips.

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Myself I can't think of a way of wrapping an alpha or mask around a form to create a deformation on the geometry.

The masking in 3DCoat is front projection and there is not a global deformation method that I can think of such as an overall inflate etc as in ZBrush which can utilize the advantages of uv's and polys for such tasks to generate poly deformation and derived normal maps.

Perhaps some one else could give you some advice on doing this with normals on a uved form in 3DC.

That said cylindrical wraps could be created by using a voxel plane, filling the plane with a patterned mask when in the pose tool and then move out the detail by a set distance, then use the warp tool to wrap it / bend it into a cylindrical form.

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If you have good UV's theres a workaround to achieve this effect:

In paint room:

- Activate any tileable mask

- Go to: Texture -> Texture UV Editor

- Use the fill tool on a UV Island in the UV editor

You should get a perfectly tiled image, this only works with UV island with minimal seams, this does NOT work in Ptex..

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